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October 10th is #worldmentalhealth day, which means a lot of information about how to reduce stress at work is being shared. So, we would like to contribute!   As Mind is our charity of the year for 2020, we are lucky enough to have been given lots of fantastic information about how to manage emotions, anxiety and Read more →
As vital as physical security is in schools. There’s just as much importance in protecting student’s data and information online through strong cybersecurity.   Our experience has led us to work across many different sectors (Manufacturing, Non-for-profit and Healthcare to name a few) but it’s interesting how many of the same services are used.   For example, IT support Read more →
Keeping your computer up to date is an important thing. But unfortunately, it can cause a few problems. So, How can you undo a Windows update??   Before we reveal how to undo a Windows update it is vital that we explain why you should install updates for your Windows operating system: Fixes: Updates usually patch or Read more →
Buying a new PC is a fun and exciting time. New equipment, new technology, and a new-found motivation to work efficiently.   Being a managed support provider, we often get requests from clients about what is important when buying a new PC. And what adjustments or features they should have for their line of work.   On a case, Read more →
With the ever-changing cyber landscape, it’s important to be up to date with the new and emerging cyber threats. Especially the ones that go under the radar…   That’s why we thought we would do a quick roundup of some of the more alternative and new-age types of cyber threats that have affected some parts of the Read more →
Cloud migration is a delicate process that a lot of organisations go through. Which makes it even more surprising when it isn’t done correctly. Especially without using a checklist or guide for help...   Transferring your data, applications, and processes to cloud-based technology is a choice that will inevitably bring efficiency to your business. However, it can Read more →
There were some big changes in the Microsoft Office 2016 updates. Although several years old, many users have only recently upgraded to it.   We thought it would be helpful to create a breakdown of all the new and improved features, and how to access them.   Need IT Training? Visit our training site and book a course Work Faster Read more →
Windows 10 has a whole host of privacy settings that users have no idea how to turn off.   It's not as simple as 'Keep EVERYTHING private' as some aspects you probably want to share with Microsoft. For instance, sending crash reports allows Microsoft to improve their service, as well as allowing the user to look into Read more →
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