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Managed IT Support Cardiff & Wales

We provide IT support, services and training.
Technology can be the key to your success. We make sure it’s always on your side, and never in your way.

Transform your business
More than just password resets. We can help you thrive.

Be More Productive

Making the most of your technology lets you make the most of your time. Worry less about things that aren’t important, and do what is important more effectively.

Employees increasingly expect flexibility around the 9-5 schedule. We’ll enable them to work anywhere at any time, allowing you to provide a great work life balance for your staff, and ensuring they can stay productive.

Collaborate More

We’ve all been to meetings that could have been an email; but meetings and emails aren’t the only way to collaborate. We can make collaboration easier with digital calls, video conferencing and live collaboration within documents.

Security is our top priority, underpinning everything we do for you. We offer a range of Cyber Security services to keep you and your organisation safe.

Our core Services
We deliver transformative change through a range of services designed to cater for your organisation’s every technological need.

Managed Services

From IT support to supporting you in the cloud, we offer a range of services that take the IT pressure off your staff, while keeping your systems in peak condition.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is at the heart of everything we do, and we can keep you safe with a mix of hardware, software and training.


In the right hands even the most basic software can be incredibly powerful. We provide training courses designed to address your specific training needs.

Excellence IT have transformed the way we work by providing us with not only the right IT Infrastructure, but also streamlining the way we operate as a business and deliver our services to our clients.
Managing Director, Recycling Company

Managed IT Services South Wales

Our Areas Of Operation


20 Miles west of Cardiff, is Bridgend County Borough. Offers scenic adventures for those looking to explore the outdoors and experience Wales.


The Capital and largest city in Wales, Cardiff is known for it’s busy shopping arcades, scenic Bay and booming businesses.


Just 12 miles short of Cardiff, Newport is another city with over 160,000 residents, a popular nightlife & a busy town centre.

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Founded 20 years ago by IT professionals

IT is in our DNA, and we want to share our expertise with you. We’ve been consistently delivering high quality service for local and national organisations for over two decades. Helping them save money, work more effectively and stay safe in an increasingly digital world.

Whether your business is based in Cardiff, Bridgend or Bristol, we can bring excellence to your IT.

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