Christian Evans - First Line Supervisor

My name is Christian Evans, and I’m the First line supervisor at excellence IT.

How long have you worked in IT?

I got my first IT job over 20 years ago. Originally studying for a law degree, a change in circumstances found me working as Tech support for a phone, internet and TV company in Newport. Even though I didn’t have any formal qualifications in IT I’d always had an interest in it, and I already had the skills needed for the job! That said, I did learn a lot in a short space of time, and was involved in some major training projects there. The customer support environment helped develop the skills that I have continued to use throughout my career.

I then moved into a media company, as an internal IT resource. There were a lot of ups and downs in this job, I worked with some great people, but it was also quite a political environment, and my schedule wasn’t always very regular. 

One memorable night saw me leaving the office at gone half 12 at night, being woken up by a support call at quarter to five in the morning, grabbing another hours sleep and being back in the office by nine!

Chris E on Computer

I was in that role for 14 years and I really progressed a lot in this time, starting as an Apprentice and working my way up to a relatively senior position in the IT team. However, eventually the business, and the nature of my work started changing.

This leads up to me joining excellence IT. I started as a technician here, and about a year ago I was made First Line Supervisor.

What does your job entail?

I’m part of the ‘first line’ who deal with the bulk of customer enquiries and issues. If you need your password reset, or your printer fixing, it’s probably us you’ll be speaking to. The team also get involved in the less straightforward stuff.

As a supervisor, I’m also responsible for the team; making sure we’re adhering to company policies and procedures, ensuring there’s cover for holidays, and more recently getting involved in the interview process for new team members, and their development and progression.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I’ve always liked a challenge, and this role provides plenty – in a good way! As team members we don’t overly specialise, so there’s always something new for me to learn which keeps it interesting – I definitely wouldn’t want to be stuck doing one thing all day. Needing to swap between my tech support hat and my team supervisor hat adds even more variety to my day.

I don’t think people realise just how much IT support roles require you to be able to form good relationships with both users and your colleagues, but this is another thing I’ve always enjoyed about the job. Building up relationships with users, empathising with their challenges and helping them overcome them I just find really rewarding.

We’ve also got a really good culture of knowledge sharing here, which is really good because there’s a lot of variety in experience in the team. It also helps that we’ve all got a sense of humour – I definitely don’t think we live up to the socially awkward IT stereotypes.

One thing I wish everyone knew about IT is…

The devil is in the detail! I really appreciate it when people give the right amount of detail in a ticket – not just what’s wrong, but what errors are showing, what was causing them and things like that. It’s also useful to know who to contact and when and how to get in touch.

Another thing I think would be beneficial for businesses is to be more aware of is the age of their infrastructure. Without wanting to turn into a salesman, sometimes the increased productivity you could get from replacing an older server with newer technologies would, in most cases, be a benefit to a business.

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