"We recommend them whenever the opportunity presents itself"

Blackwood Embedded Solutions are experts in designing electronic products for a wide range of sectors.
Read how we have supported them for many years enabling their business to progress




Blackwood Embedded Solutions have a proven track record of getting their clients to market the products they want to build. The majority of their work is in the medical sector which has provided endless advantages for many healthcare organisations.

Why did you require assistance from Excellence IT?

“We required the services of excellence IT because we wanted to install a software configuration management tool for use by internal employees and clients. We had also installed our first server and wanted them to provide back-up services.”

What were you looking to get out of our service?

“We were hoping to get a fit for purpose system installed quickly after a failed attempt by another company.”

How did you find working with Excellence IT?

“We found working with excellence IT to be a straightforward and cost-effective outsourcing partner
who “did what it said on the tin” at first attempt.”

“We have found excellence IT to be very responsive to our needs – they have always given us excellent service at every level. We recommend them whenever the opportunity presents itself.”
Blackwood Embedded Solutions

Managed IT Support

Installation of Systems

Updating Software applications

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