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Microsoft OneDrive is a great way to share files across your network. However, it is constantly being targeted for phishing email scams.   Recently our engineers have spotted a recent phishing scam which has affected some business accounts. Worryingly, the scam seems to send from actual email addresses of users, rather than a fake email hiding behind Read more →
Across Wales, businesses are becoming more technologically and digitally advanced.   Cardiff University recently released their digital maturity survey, which has now been in existence for 3 years. Here’s a brief explanation of what the survey sets out to achieve:   “The Digital Maturity Survey for Wales provides evidence from a representative sample of SMEs in Wales, based on Read more →
Outsourcing your IT support is a brave decision for a lot of businesses to take. But it’s a smart one.   For small and medium-sized businesses, deciding to outsource your IT support provides a catalogue of benefits. Aside from allowing you to gain 24-hour support for a range of IT and technical issues. It can allow you Read more →
Do you struggle to come up with a secure and strong password?   Use this easy tip to make a secure password, with an easy way to remember it!   This weeks tech tip was how to create a secure password and remember it easily. If you cannot play the video above, here are the written steps:   Search online Read more →
Cyber security doesn't just stop with technology. Improving your digital footprint via your online actions is just as important.   More and more Britons are being worried that they are going to be exposed to a cyber-attack. With 72% of professionals have considered leaving their jobs due to Cyber Security dangers in their workplace.   However as important as Read more →
Recently many Office 365 users have been fully converted from Skype for business to Microsoft Teams.   Luckily, this isn’t a bad thing. Microsoft Teams is rapidly becoming the number one communication platform of choice. Especially within businesses. The main reason is that it offers a wide variety of advantages for Office365 users.   The main problem users are Read more →
Do you get annoyed by always having to switch Windows and close tabs!   Here's how you can snap windows and use tabs for effectively...   This weeks tech tip was how to snap windows and look at multiple tabs more easily. If you cannot play the video above, here are the written steps:   Go to the top of Read more →
Do you suffer from 'password overload'? and regularly click the 'forgot password?' link?   One of the most frequent problems we encounter as a managed service provider is users forgetting passwords. It’s not hard to see why. Users can be overwhelmed by the number of passwords you have to manage. Let alone remembering to update and change them Read more →
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