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How to lock your PC screen? You can do it with your keyboard!   Here's how you can lock your PC using this handy keyboard shortcut...   This weeks tech tip was how to lock your PC using your keyboard. If you cannot play the video above, here are the written steps:   Hit the Windows Key and the letter 'L' read more
Skype for business has been a revolutionary and handy tool for businesses. However, Microsoft is planning to replace a lot of its functionality with teams.   Microsoft is working towards having teams as the ultimate solution for communication within organisations and It’s not hard to see why.   Microsoft Teams is built with the capability to create video and voice read more
Your PC is like an elephant, never forgetting where you’ve been. Storing your internet history.   Meaning that clearing internet files and browsing history is a good idea. But what does it achieve, and how do you do it? We’ve got the answers.   Why should you clear your internet history?   Sometimes referred to as ‘Browser Hygiene’ clearing your internet read more
Everyone hates spam emails... so get rid of them!   Here's how you can block a specific sender or simply create a rule to move a reoccurring message straight to a folder   This weeks tech tip was how to block a sender who is sending you spam emails, and how to move a specific type of email to read more
Slow internet can be painful. Especially when it’s too expensive to upgrade or find a solution for.   We’ve revealed in the past ways to speed up your PC with some simple tips, but sometimes internet speeds are out of your control. When this can’t be solved, businesses can suffer from internal problems even affecting client relationships.   Therefore, read more
90% of cyber breaches are caused by human error. Email security is important.   That’s a worrying statistic, so it makes so much sense that more and more businesses are turning to solutions to protect their employees.   We’ve seen it most recently when an email scam cost a company nearly £200k in damages due to an employee error. read more
Sometimes a message needs a little character... so bring up the Emoji Window! Here's how you bring up the emoji window in any application to add a little bit of character to your messages!   This weeks tech tip was how to bring up the Emoji Window so you can add emojis to any message. If you can't read more
Looking back at basic IT security, Firewalls were the beginning of protecting computers against viruses, malware, and other internet threats.   Fast forward to the present day and Firewalls are a major part of standard cybersecurity. However, there is still a bit of mystery surrounding what a Firewall does and what different types of protection there are. read more
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