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Microsoft Azure is being adopted by many businesses in 2020. Even before remote working conditions, many businesses have seen the major benefits of being on a Microsoft Azure server.   Organizations are being encouraged to move away from physical servers or datacenters as they provide a wealth of benefits like cost, efficiency, and disaster recovery. Azure is Read more →
Microsoft Teams vs Zoom. It’s the unexpected battle of 2020. So, we’ve investigated what features would be best for your business.   With the latest indications that the UK lockdown won’t be lifted anytime soon. It’s now more important than ever that you are keeping in constant contact with your employees or colleagues daily. Zoom has been Read more →
A lot of our clients are now working remotely or from home. IT security is now more vital than ever before.   How do you maintain security when employees work remotely or from home? Excellence IT has the answers!   Naturally, many of our clients are having to work from home due to COVID-19. Most of them have had little time Read more →
With advice from the government to self-isolate if even mild symptoms are being shown, Microsoft have made remote working easier with a fantastic free Teams subscription offer.   Many organisations around the UK and Europe are frantically working out how to keep communication healthy during remote working conditions. There are many options available, with Whatsapp, Google Hangouts Read more →
As more developments about the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) happen, we wanted to share with you our business continuity plan...   First and foremost, we are a technology organisation, so we are well prepared for the result of working remotely and being away from our offices. We can guarantee that we can continue to provide a seamless service should any of Read more →
Do you ever worry about how much data your Alexa or Google Home holds? learn how to delete your recording history...   Amazon Alexa and Google Home are two of the most popular choices of smart devices in the tech world. With them contributing to over 200 million smart speaker shipments recorded in 2019.   Maybe people are just Read more →
SharePoint online is fast becoming the go-to choice for businesses. Especially ones who want to replace file servers.   File servers were a great solution for small businesses in the past. Yet, technology has developed and cloud services are now much more reliable than they once were. SharePoint Online is a much better solution for businesses of Read more →
3CX is the leading choice of telephone communication for offices across Britain. With savings of up to 80% for most organisations, it's no surprise why.   Excellence IT is a certified partner of 3CX and we have achieved a Silver Partner rating due to our successful installations with our clients. However, we still see a lot of Read more →

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