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You’ve seen it in cinema blockbusters, a master hacker types at the speed of light and unlocks all the security in a blink of an eye. It’s completely unbelievable… or is it?   With our services auditing businesses through Cyber Essentials, we know all about how criminals can access company data. We’ve even detailed some of the read more
Ever closed a web page by accident and couldn't remember what it was?   This weeks tech tip was how to restore a closed web page. If you can't play the video above, here are the steps:   Go to settings Select History And then select the web page you closed Or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + read more
In our mission to raise awareness about the dangers of cybercrime. We thought we would have a brief walkthrough of the different types of Malware there are.   Aside from corrupting your hardware and putting your information at risk. It’s worth knowing what different types of Malware exist, and what they can potentially do to your system.   What read more
Improving your password security is a job that can never be done enough. However, not enough businesses do it.   Raising awareness about Cyber Security is one of our main tasks for 2019. We are looking to producing more and more content on how to improve your security so fewer businesses are put at risk.   So here is read more
Office 365 is slowly becoming more and more useful to businesses across the country.   Previously seen as only useful to educating bodies and larger enterprises, Office 365 is becoming extremely valuable to many SME’s. As it can handle a range of tasks using much more than just Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.   This week Superfast Business Wales read more
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