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VoIP is an increasingly popular voice solution. It's multiple options and flexible functions make it an ideal choice for modern businesses It is a cost-effective solution that can improve communication in organisations of any size. There are many benefits to routing calls via the internet and flexibility is definitely one of them. But what are the Read more →
First things, first what is the digital vortex? It sounds very space-age and futuristic but in truth the digital vortex is a concept that is driven by where we are heading in the future. Thanks to the rise of the machines and the streams of information that feed the big data monster, disruption is upon us and Read more →
An unexpected disaster is gravely damaging to any business and it’s therefore vital to address how disaster recovery services can be planned into your budget. It is however a service that can feel difficult to justify on cost – similar to breakdown insurance for your car. You can pay out x amount and may not require Read more →
Cloud computing has evolved from a subject of intrigue to a beneficial service that is helping businesses transform. You don’t have to look far to find information on the cloud or hear of a company’s experience of cloud adoption. There’s still however confusion over the difference between virtualisation and cloud computing which is muddying the waters Read more →
The digital business - The vast majority of businesses are now exploring digital opportunities and discovering how new technology can pave the way for future growth. The spectrum of digital transformation will vary from company to company depending on external and internal factors but organisations of all sizes are aware of the importance of technology in Read more →
Microsoft Office 365 is cloud based software with a host of professional tools designed to support businesses and boost productivity. It’s been claimed by Kevin Turner (Microsoft COO) that 4 out of 5 Fortune 500 companies use the service which is no doubt impressive when operating in a market with strong competition (Google Apps being a Read more →
Are you concerned about a cyber-security breach impacting your business? You are not alone Cyber security is an important topic in any business. In 2015, we’ve witnessed some very public cyber-attacks followed by reports with rising statistics showing in black and white that no company is safe. Speaking at an Info Security event in 2015 Ciaran Read more →

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