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Are you unable to edit your signature in Outlook 2016?   Last year Microsoft released an update for Outlook, which addressed some security issues and risks.   The security update fixed and improved vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office. The main fix was to stop an issue that could potentially allow remote code to open a dangerous office file. There is read more
Looking for a quick and easy way to refresh your Desktop? Now you can by moving your taskbar! Here's how you move your Windows taskbar and even change the appearance of it...   This weeks tech tip was how to refresh your Desktop by moving the taskbar. If you can't view the video here are the written steps:   Right read more
Fake emails are growing year on year. One of the latest developments is the rise in Sextortion.   Although it’s not a completely new term, varying degrees of Sextortion have been around since before the birth of the internet. In these instances, local news has reported issues of criminals blackmailing individuals using private and sensitive information. Placing these read more
Protect your USB files in case you lose or misplace your memory stick! Here's how you can encrypt your USB drive using BitLocker...   This weeks tech tip was how to encrypt a USB stick using BitLocker. If you can't view the video here are the written steps:   Insert your USB drive into your laptop or computer Type 'BitLocker' into read more
Google Chrome is currently the world’s most popular web browser. However, a lot of users still don’t use web browser extensions.   We recently investigated what web browser uses the most memory, and surprisingly Chrome came out on top. But why was this? It’s because Google Chrome is much more than an internet surfing program. Aside from read more
More and more business are taking control of their communications and switching to VOIP. But, what are the advantages?   Offering a cheaper phone system that works using an internet connection seems like an easy decision. However, it makes good sense to always research a product or service before jumping on the bandwagon.   We’ve taken the time to read more
Discover how you can screenshot a section on Windows, without using the Print Screen button! Here's how you can use the snipping tool...   This weeks tech tip was how to use the snipping tool instead of using the traditional print screen method:   Type 'Snipping Tool' into the Windows search bar Click the result Click 'New' Drag over read more
When you’ve run out of data and find a public WIFI connection, it feels like you’ve won the lottery!   For emergencies it can be invaluable, but is it worth putting your business at risk? There are many dangers of using public WIFI without proper cyber security protecting you. We've already outlined some worrying Cyber Security statistics, read more
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