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Protecting your personal information on social media seems straight forward, just don’t share as much? …right?   We are coming into a new age where internet users are sharing more content than ever before. Content being created for a range of audiences. Companies are creating content to be seen by other businesses. Individuals are creating content to read more
Mobile security, do I need it? We've outlined what it is and what you can do to up your device security.   Unless you are new to computers and the IT world, I am certain you would have heard anti-virus protection. Especially it's importance for protecting your business (if you haven’t heard… it’s extremely important). Yet with more read more
The internet of things. It almost sounds too bizarre to be an actual thing. But believe us, it’s a real term and something you should be aware of.   What is the Internet of things? In the simplest terms, the Internet of things is what it claims to be… Things that are connected to the internet. The word read more
Before 2019 finally arrives, the weakest passwords of 2018 has been revealed and the results are… alarming.   It’s no surprise that 2018 has been a detrimental year for security breaches, hacks and increased cyber threats – with some of the highest reported crimes in history. For example, the annual ONS survey of Cyber crime across England read more
Cloud migration is becoming a vital cog in the blueprint of growing businesses and it’s not hard to see why...   Speed, control and enhanced technology, it seems bizarre that there are nay-sayers to its blatant advantages… However, there is still a resistance to implement it into the workplace – usually expressed through the ‘Five stages of grief’ read more
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