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Follow the steps below to install Webroot's Secure Anywhere Web Browser extension when you search online.       Webroot Business Endpoint protection is our chosen antivirus client, keeping ourselves and our clients protected from online threats on a daily basis. If you are unable to watch the video, here are the steps:   Perform a web search for 'webroot chrome read more
Discover how you can batch rename files and folders in record time with this nifty keyboard trick!   Here's how you can batch rename your files quickly...   This weeks tech tip was how to batch rename multiple files and folders using a quick keyboard shortcut:   Select the file you want to rename Press 'F2' on your keyboard Rename read more
Which web browser uses the least memory? The best web browser for day-to-day use
Deciding which is the best web browser for your workflow isn’t a task that a lot of computer users undertake.   You could probably improve your workflow by picking a browser which suits your needs. Looking at the amount of memory each browser uses up could be the difference between finishing tasks and not facing constant IT read more
Remote working is a great solution for businesses. SharePoint has some great features to support this.   Services like SharePoint have become vital for work operations. But are users truly getting the most out of the features of the software?   As a Microsoft Partner who specialises in managed IT support, Office 365 is a great option for many read more
Got clients in different countries, and don't want to email them in the middle of the night? Send them a delayed email!   This weeks tech tip was how to send a delayed email. If you can't play the video above, here are the steps:   Open a new email to send Click the 'Options' tab Click the 'Delayed Delivery' read more
Privacy is a big thing for companies operating in the digital world. So, it’s no surprise VPN’s are becoming more and more sought after.   VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be a great solution for many businesses, regardless of size. However, we recommend smaller businesses who handle sensitive to have one put in place. This is becoming read more
Last week a news story broke about an employee being involved in an online scam where they cost her company £200,000.   The employee had been working at Peebles Media Group, based in Scotland. Where they, unfortunately, fell victim to a scammer pretending to be the managing director of the company. The scammer requested to make a read more
Are you sick of minimising all your windows, just to get to the desktop?   This weeks tech tip was how to minimise all your windows and get to the desktop asap. If you can't play the video above, here are the steps:   Right click on the Windows icon Select Desktop Or use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key read more
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