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Cloud migration is a delicate process that a lot of organisations go through. Which makes it even more surprising when it isn’t done correctly. Especially without using a checklist or guide for help...   Transferring your data, applications, and processes to cloud-based technology is a choice that will inevitably bring efficiency to your business. However, it can Read more →
There were some big changes in the Microsoft Office 2016 updates. Although several years old, many users have only recently upgraded to it.   We thought it would be helpful to create a breakdown of all the new and improved features, and how to access them.   Need IT Training? Visit our training site and book a course Work Faster Read more →
Windows 10 has a whole host of privacy settings that users have no idea how to turn off.   It's not as simple as 'Keep EVERYTHING private' as some aspects you probably want to share with Microsoft. For instance, sending crash reports allows Microsoft to improve their service, as well as allowing the user to look into Read more →
Backing up and protecting your files is an underrated task. But did you know, there are actually different types of backup you can do?   If you are using cloud storage technology like SharePoint, Dropbox or Google Drive. This is less of a worry, as you can schedule in daily backups and synchronization tasks. Usually, the backups Read more →
Cloud storage is vital to modern day businesses. Don’t be left behind as technology quickly progresses.   Recently, a report from Close Brothers has revealed that 58% of UK SME’s do not use any cloud-based computing. Also indicating that any software, storage or other computer services are delivered over the internet using remote servers.   The report also goes Read more →
Microsoft OneDrive is a great way to share files across your network. However, it is constantly being targeted for phishing email scams.   Recently our engineers have spotted a recent phishing scam which has affected some business accounts. Worryingly, the scam seems to send from actual email addresses of users, rather than a fake email hiding behind Read more →
Across Wales, businesses are becoming more technologically and digitally advanced.   Cardiff University recently released their digital maturity survey, which has now been in existence for 3 years. Here’s a brief explanation of what the survey sets out to achieve:   “The Digital Maturity Survey for Wales provides evidence from a representative sample of SMEs in Wales, based on Read more →
Outsourcing your IT support is a brave decision for a lot of businesses to take. But it’s a smart one.   For small and medium-sized businesses, deciding to outsource your IT support provides a catalogue of benefits. Aside from allowing you to gain 24-hour support for a range of IT and technical issues. It can allow you Read more →

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