Can SharePoint online replace a file server – Yes!

SharePoint online is fast becoming the go-to choice for businesses. Especially ones who want to replace file servers.


File servers were a great solution for small businesses in the past. Yet, technology has developed and cloud services are now much more reliable than they once were. SharePoint Online is a much better solution for businesses of all sizes. Mainly because it offers so much more than just file storage.


Navigation and Organisation

One of the biggest improvements users converting from File Servers to SharePoint is the vastly superior search and locate functions. As opposed to just having a destination for hundreds of files, SharePoint allows the creation of Team Sites to properly structure to your organisations data.

SharePoint Online’s layout and structure is designed to guide users away from spending time locating files and access the information they require as soon as possible. Aside from this, SharePoint offers greater control over the files that are stored. Especially when it comes to collaboration.


Sharing and Updating

Organisations who adopt SharePoint are also adopting available Office 365 capabilities. Research shows us that an estimated 1.3 billion companies around the world use Office 365, and use Microsoft Word and Excel for the majority of business transactions and materials.


SharePoint Online only helps increase productivity when it comes to using Office 365. File servers do not support collaboration the way SharePoint online does. With its integration with Office 365, users can collaborate real-time on documents and set up alerts for when a file is edited, moved or even deleted.


Greater Control

As we provide training courses for businesses who have recently moved to SharePoint, we thought we would share a video detailing how SharePoint online gives you greater control over what you search for, and what you and preview before you have to open or download your selected file.



Next steps?

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