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Case Study

Driscoll Young Solicitors

If you work in the legal sector, you’ll be aware of the extensive terms and conditions surrounding communications between solicitors, witnesses and clients & the courts. Email correspondence with the courts is strictly controlled and requires any 3rd party to have a CJSMemail account or accounts for email communication. That’s exactly the problem Paul had at Driscoll Young Solicitors.

Paul found that his business was wasting huge amounts of time corresponding with the courts switching between their Office 365 Outlook application, CJSM Pop Accounts, CJSM Webmail Portal.

Along with this, when CJSM account passwords expired and needed resetting Outlook pop Accounts would fail to authenticate and lock the Accounts which would result lost days in getting accounts unlocked.

Luckily, we had experts that could solve the problem.

As a managed service provider for over 17 years, we’ve forged lots of successful partnerships with a wide range of suppliers, manufacturers and organisations. One of these is with EGRESS – Egress are responsible for the CJSM email system and we understand the strict requirements that need to be implemented on clients IT & Email systems so they are compliant with CJSM.

Over the last 3 months, we’ve worked tirelessly with Driscoll Young, their IT providers and Egress to ensure the Driscoll Young IT systems/security conformed to the standards required by CJSM.  The Excellence IT Team could not carry out all of the necessary actions so where necessary project managed the actions in a timely manner.

So, how did we do it?

We took the time to analyse Driscoll Youngs current IT infrastructure and how they were currently using Office 365 to send and receive CJSM emails. We discovered that CJSM has a strict set of IT security requirements, which meant a lengthy SMTP Connection Assessment Questionnaire needed to be completed before our work could begin. However, our experts noticed that the majority of these questions were also required when obtaining a Cyber Essentials Certification. This meant that a natural starting point for Driscoll Young would be to go through the Cyber Essentials Certification to meet the CJSM requirements. 

We are an accredited body to deliver Cyber Essentials/Cyber Essentials PLUS we were ideally placed to deliver this accreditation on Driscoll Young’s journey to CJSM integration. We were able to dedicate a Cyber Essentials auditor to personally guide our client through the CJSM certification – making sure everything we planned to do would keep them in line against their regulations.

Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus Cutout

With the audit taken care of, we identified a simple goal we wanted to achieve. Allow employees of Driscoll Young to send and receive emails from Outlook and Office 365 to determine whether they were CJSM emails or not.  Meaning that Driscoll Young’s Office 365 & CJSM mailboxes would be managed in a single Outlook connection for the end user.




Once we had acceptance from Egress that the Driscoll Young IT Infrastructure complied with their requirements we were able to setup the appropriate routing of email in Office 365 to deliver exactly this.

Still respecting the closed email environment, we created a rule that allowed Outlook to detect the domain that is being contacted (@CJSM) and alter how the email is sent.

The rule would then also pull received emails from the CJSM account and display them in the Outlook inbox.

All the while protecting the content, and ensuring the encryption remained. Logging into their Office 365 Outlook accounts. Users were now able to send and receive emails from CJSM accounts.

"I cannot fault the service provided by all those involved and will continue to recommend Excellence IT to those requiring IT support services."
Paul Morris
Managing Partner

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