Cloud Services

Maximise cloud computing in your organisation with our trusted cloud services.

Flexible and Collaborative

Cloud computing is an essential part of the modern workplace. It enables flexible and collaborative working to boost productivity in your organisation. From cost-efficiency to scalability, there are many benefits associated with operating in the cloud. This explains why cloud technology has been adopted by businesses on a large scale, across a wide range of sectors.


We Manage your Migration

If you are yet to migrate, there are multiple ways to access cloud computing in your organisation. Migrating your whole workload can be a challenge and we have the expertise to support this process for you from start to end. From infrastructure solutions to data centre services and cloud applications, we provide a suite of cloud services to deploy and develop your cloud environment.

Why choose our Cloud Services?

Leading by consultation, we assess your processes, services and industry regulations to advise on cloud computing solutions that will fit with how you operate. We maintain strong industry partnerships to keep up with innovations in cloud technology. If you’re already working in the cloud, we can enhance your technology to maintain a secure and modern cloud environment. Whereas, if you are looking to migrate, we can help you choose the best solution. Our team manage the technical legwork and project schedule for efficient and smooth deployment. On every project, we apply our expertise and experience to provide strategic direction and robust support.

Our Cloud Services at a glance


Flexible Solutions

Our services don't just end with one product. We provide your organisation with a suite of cloud solutions including cloud migration, cloud storage and applications such as Office 365.


Effective Change Management

It's one thing choosing a new solution, but it's just as valuable to be comfortable and fluent with your technology. We are equipped to provide training to support workforce adoption for seamless transition.


Managed Cloud

We offer end to end solutions and trusted managed support for efficient day to day management. This means you are never on your own if you migrate or adopt cloud services into your business.


Trusted Provider

Aside from years of industry experience, we are also a Microsoft Silver Partner. With specific accreditation in delivering Cloud Services to SMB's. Meaning we understand your situation and know how to make your project a success.

As a managed service provider for primarily small businesses, we feel we are the right company to accurately explain why cloud services can and will improve your business. We are finding a lot of businesses do want to improve their processes and undergo a digital transformation.

Solar Windows based in Caerphilly, South Wales have been active in the manufacturing industry since 1988 providing products to private and commercial clients. We delivered a major IT upgrade for the client to dramatically benefit their business.


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