Why becoming Cyber Essentials Certified should matter to you and your business

Here at excellence IT, we can now proudly say we are Cyber Essentials Plus certified!

This week, we are celebrating becoming Cyber Essentials Plus certified. We have worked hard to ensure we are fully compliant because we want to reassure our customers we are providing the most secure service we possibly can.

Why Cyber Essentials should matter to you…

Cyber Essentials is a Government supported scheme established to help companies protect themselves against common, online threats by adhering to a set of technical controls.

The five key technical controls that are the focus of a Cyber Essentials audit are:

  • Testing Firewalls and internet gateways to confirm hardware and software are working correctly.
  • Ensuring secure configurations have been arranged on all systems and are aligned with the company’s needs.
  • Access control has been set up to provide staff with relevant access to necessary areas of the system(s).
  • Ensuring all Malware protection has been installed, is up-to-date and working correctly.
  • Checking the latest supported version of all applications are being used and all necessary patches have been applied.

Implementing these five key technical controls within a business can prevent many cyber-attacks and is strongly recommended to comply with the upcoming GDPR this May.

How Cyber Essentials can benefit your business…

There are two different levels of certification that a company can achieve; Cyber Essentials (CE) and Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+). Each level of certification can help an organisation improve their cyber security and data protection.

The first level of Cyber Essentials helps a company establish basic processes to protect against cyber-attacks. Cyber Essentials Plus takes a more in-depth investigation into your IT infrastructure which is verified by an expert.

Each certification enables a company to demonstrate how serious Cyber Security is within their business. Becoming Cyber Essentials Certified adds value to a company through the following:

  • Increased opportunities within the public sector – Being CE certified allows a company to bid/tender for contracts within the government.
  • Demonstrates compliance and commitment to CyberSecurity – Shows current and potential customers the correct tools have been implemented within the organisation to stay cyber secure and ensure data is protected.
  • Assists in preparation for GDPR – supports the creation of relevant policies and procedures that are crucial for GDPR.
  • Helps to identify risks within a business – not only does it identify weak spots within a company’s IT setup, it helps put the measures in place to eliminate the risks.

Excellence IT is now a Cyber Essentials accrediting body…

Being an IT support company, gaining IASME Gold, CE and CE+ status was crucial to our development. Providing high quality IT support to our customers is extremely important. These certifications provide us with the opportunity to demonstrate our dedication to protecting our customers from cyber-attacks and data breaches.

We wanted to assist our customers in acquiring Cyber Essentials certification. excellence IT worked tirelessly through audits and exams to become a Cyber Essentials accrediting body.

We want to help all businesses ensure their work environment is safe from avoidable cyber-attacks. To receive a quote for Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus audit, please call us on 02920 887 362.

For more information on Cyber Essentials, visit:


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