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Your network security is key to the reputation and security of your business data. Firewalls are a vital tool for protecting your network, and the data on it. With our firewall as a service model, you get up to date protection for an affordable monthly cost.

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There when you need us
Our customers expect us to be able to keep their data safe from cyber attacks, and Firewall as a Service lets us do just that. We have a layered approach to Cyber Security but understand that robust network security is a critical component.

With FWaaS, we know we’ve always got the latest security, and it’s been much easier to budget a monthly cost than rush to buy new hardware to protect against new threats every few years.
Andy Beer
Director, excellence IT

What is a Firewall?

A firewall sits between your network and other networks, like the internet. It monitors incoming and outgoing traffic, blocking or allowing traffic based on security rules. Whether it’s hardware or software, your firewall is your first line of defense against external cyber threats. 


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Stay on the front foot

In the past, companies would make one big investment in a firewall solution that might last them years. But now, as cyber threats evolve ever more quickly, these large investments risk becoming outdated almost immediately.

In contrast, our Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) model means you don’t pay for a specific piece of hardware or software. Instead, you pay and affordable monthly cost for network protection that’s frequently updated, making sure you’re always using the best protection available.

Another key difference is that this model means you only pay for what you use, so even small businesses can get access to state of the art security.

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What can firewalls defend against?

DDoS Attacks

Distributed denial of Service, or DDoS attacks, aim to bring down networks by overloading them with useless traffic. Imagine a corner shop filling up with people who don’t want to buy anything, preventing real customers from actually making purchases. A firewall can stop this fake traffic from entering your network so you can conduct business as usual.


Malicious software, or malware, comes in a variety of flavors, from worms that aim to replicate themselves on other machines to trojan horse viruses that disguise themselves as legitimate software. Our firewall service doesn’t discriminate though, it provides protection against all types of malware. As an added bonus, it also reduces safe, but otherwise spammy emails coming through to your inbox.


Unsuitable Websites

There’s a lot of websites out there that can’t be trusted, loaded with pop-ups, malware and other cyber threats. And while other websites might not be a threat to your cyber security, they could still put your staff’s productivity at risk. Our service protects you from both; blocking the obvious spam and allowing you to choose what websites your staff can and can’t access.