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The unfortunate reality is that memorable passwords are the easiest to hack. Long, nonsensical passwords full of letters, numbers and symbols are very secure, and also more likely to end up needing to be written on a post it note. Shorter, simpler and predictable passwords are hard to forget but easy to guess. With our simple Password Management service you can create strong passwords, without the need to remember them.

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Clients used to worry the way they stored passwords wasn't secure, but didn't want to make things more difficult for their staff. This service is perfect because they can improve their security without impacting how they do their work. They're also reassured to know they can control who has access to passwords and have an audit trail to back this up.
Andy Beer
Director, excellence IT

Forget your passwords

Our Password Management service enables you to use stronger passwords and control access to credentials while making logging in as simple as clicking a button. Here’s how:

  • Your passwords are stored in a secure portal. This can only be accessed using two factor authentication, and is stored remotely, meaning your passwords aren’t available to anyone who has access to your browsers.
  • Copy and paste passwords from the portal straight into login pages
  • For seamless browsing, we can install a plugin for popular web browsers to autofill your login details. It’s the browsing experience you’re used to, just with vastly improved security.

Keep it in-house

Being able to securely store and retrieve passwords is only part of our password management services. By storing your passwords in one place, our portal can alert you if passwords have become out of date, allowing you to easily update the relevant accounts with new credentials.

It’s also much easier to control access. Should a staff member change departments or leave your organisation, their access to the relevant part of the portal can be rescinded, and all passwords can be updated to ensure only authorised users have access. You can also see who has accessed what credentials, giving you greater visibility over how user access services.

Maintain secure passwords

Having your passwords stored online means they can be hard to remember but harder to crack.

Make Security Easy

With online portals and browser plugins, your passwords are easily accessible as well as being ultra-secure.

Manage account access

Control who has access to what accounts, and easily update passwords when employees no longer need access.

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Password Best Practice

You might think it’s easy enough to remember a few passwords for your online accounts, and that’s true. But if you’re only using a handful of simple passwords for everything, it only takes a data leak at one service you use, and hackers have your passwords for everything. So here’s what the ideal password looks like:

  • Complicated. It’s not good using your pet’s name or your child’s date of birth, as these can easily be found online. Passwords shouldn’t be guessable.
  • Long. Similarly to complexity, the longer a password is, the harder it is to guess, or for hackers to ‘brute force’ with password guessing software.
  • Unique. Every account should have a different password. Otherwise, it only takes a data leak at one service to give hackers access to all of your online accounts.