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SecureIT – Cyber Security Training

When it comes to protecting yourself from cybercrime, awareness is key. If your staff aren’t up to date with the latest cyber security knowledge, that presents a risk to your business. But how do you quantify that risk, and what can you do to reduce it?

Secure IT is our cybersecurity training and awareness platform. It combines engaging cyber security courses, phishing simulations, and a data breach monitoring tool to keep your passwords off the internet. 

There when you need us
Our staff love the SecureIT training, it only takes 15 minutes to do instead of hours-long training sessions. From my point of view I don’t need to do any administration, and I can see how our risk profile drops with every completed course. The software evolves with the Cyber Security industry too, so we don’t have to employ someone to keep us up to date with the latest threats – a no brainer for companies like ours!
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Training you can enjoy

SecureIT courses are designed to impart the maximum amount of knowledge in the smallest amount of time. Interactive courses are sent straight to a user’s inbox, and can be completed in as little as 10 minutes.

  • We assess their knowledge with a quick cybersecurity quiz, so we can focus training on their weaknesses.
  • Staff are regularly sent short training courses straight to their inbox
  • Results of the training are recorded, charting the reduction in your organisation’s risk profile.

How does it work?

Training that works

Interactive, to-the-point courses that keep users engaged and aware of the latest cyber threats.


Spend more time monitoring, less time administrating. Users automatically sign up to and receive the courses in their inbox. Learning material is constantly updated. Results are collated and can be downloaded in easy-to-read reports.

Real value

The SecureIT platform is available from as little as £2 per user per month.

Hands on training

IT isn’t just theoretical training the Secure IT platform offers, but realistic tests of a user’s awareness; the SecureIT platform can be used to simulate phishing attacks against your organisation. An email is sent to users that appears to be from a trusted source, like Microsoft or Amazon, but on closer inspection is not. If users click any links, they are immediately informed the email was a test, and are auto enrolled on the phishing email training course.

Keep your passwords private

Not every data breach is a user’s fault, though. Sometimes other services that store user data are compromised, leaking login credentials onto the web without you even knowing. As part of the SecureIT platform, we also offer a breach monitoring service, which scans the web for evidence of data leaks relating to staff emails. If any are found, the platform automatically informs the user, giving them the opportunity to change their passwords as early as possible. For more help keeping your passwords safe, see our Password Management as a Service page.