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Software has become increasingly complex over the years, and sometimes software providers will unintentionally leave vulnerabilities in their products that can potentially be exploited by hackers. While many of these vulnerabilities go unnoticed, once a vulnerability is found, software providers will race to provide a fix for their products before the issue can be exploited by hackers. It’s vital that once an update is available, you apply it to your own copy of the software. That’s why we provide Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS).

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There when you need us
As a supplier to local and national government we need to be certified to Cyber Essentials Plus on an annual basis. Excellence IT have helped us through the process for many years and have recently introduced an offering whereby we are testing our network on a monthly basis for compliance, as well as on the anniversary of Cyber Essentials Plus.
IT Manager, 3rd Sector.

Find and fix your vulnerabilities

Today, computers use massive amounts of software and services. Multiplied by the number of devices in your organisation, finding software that needs updating is incredibly difficult, and it’s easy to miss things that might leave a vulnerability in your network. Here’s how our Vulnerability Management service helps:

  • Find vulnerabilities: Our platform continuously monitors emerging vulnerabilities and checks if they may be present on a user’s machine.
  • Resolve: a report is provided listing each vulnerability alongside a link straight to the relevant patch, to make updating your system as simple as possible.
  • Prioritise: Some vulnerabilities pose more of a risk than others, so it’s important that they’re prioritised properly. We’ll score each vulnerability for risk, so you can work more efficiently.
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Always on

New vulnerabilities are always emerging, so trying to keep on top of them all manually is going to mean you get left behind, giving hackers a chance to catch up with you. Our service means you’re always on the front foot. Continuous monitoring also gives you a more predictable workload and costs, so you’re always prepared for any audits or unexpected security expenses.

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Security to shout about

Not only does our vulnerability management keep you safe, it’s also a great way of demonstrating your commitment to cyber security for the purposes of certifications or accreditations. With a clear paper trail detailing how you’ve tackled vulnerabilities as they emerge, evidence of your continued improvement is there in black and white. For more information on security certifications, visit our Cyber Essentials page.

Excellence IT's VMaaS offering gives us the confidence that we’re in the best Cyber Health 24x7x365 and enables us to achieve the CE Plus standard quicker when it comes around thus saving time and effort.

It also works for homeworker devices which can be a major weakness of some of the legacy Vulnerability scanners and causes no end of problems evidencing our compliance
IT Manager, 3rd Sector