"The support that we've had off the guys has been incredible, and there's no way this business would be where it is today without Excellence IT"

Edwards Coaches Ltd have been in operation since 1925 and provide the UK with holidays to a variety of popular destinations.
ased in South Wales, we have provided them with daily IT support and other services. Please watch our interview with Director Jason Edwards, explaining how Excellence IT has helped Edwards Coaches grow through our range of IT services

Edwards Coaches Ltd have grown remarkably since their formation in 1925. Starting from the Edwards family, they have developed a strong work ethic and loyal customer base which is shown through their 5-star customer service. With their recognition being shown with the vast amount of awards they win year on year.

Why did you require assistance from Excellence IT?

“IT for us, was the bane of our life. We didn’t have any reliability, the support structure around us was pretty poor. You know, just picking up that phone and talking things through. At the time the business was a lot smaller, so the supplier we had could manage and cope with that.

Whereas when the business got a lot bigger and a lot quicker, there were certain strains and difficulties that we experienced with the growth of the business that meant we needed a change of supplier. That led us to making contact with Excellence IT and we haven’t looked back since.”

Have Excellence IT ever gone above and beyond?

“It was a key break in the season for us, we had to move all our IT infrastructure from one depot to another depot… What we didn’t plan for was 3 to 4 foot of snow…”

How do you find working with Excellence IT?

“We sat down and met the boys, the relationship was struck up from there. We’re big believers that you’ve got to be able to sit down and have a pint with somebody, and that’s pretty much a tick in the box for us. 

And certainly the boys are that and much more. It’s not a them and us feeling. You know when that phone rings, somebody picks the phone up. The person at the end of that phone knows we are in distress, and that question needs answering.

That phone always gets picked up.”

"We've always had tremendous support from the team at Excellence IT. We've been with the guys for a number of years and long may that continue"
Jason Edwards
Director, Edwards Coaches Ltd.

Managed IT Support

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Cyber Security Protection

99.70% SLA Rate
Response Time 99.7%

5/5 Satisfaction Rate

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