Hidden Benefits From Achieving A Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

It’s no secret that a Cyber Essentials Certification is great news for the security of your business, but did you know there are some hidden cyber essentials benefits that a lot of people don’t know about?


You read that right. Hidden cyber essentials benefits that make the difference for a lot of organisations. Here at Excellence IT, we are an IASME recognized governing body for cyber essentials and are guiding clients through the process each and every day.


That’s why we believe it is vital that we spread as much good information as possible about Cyber Essentials. So here is a quick breakdown of some hidden cyber essentials benefits we think you will greatly enjoy.


With Cyber Essentials You Can…
Apply for Government tenders!

When government contracts come available, there is always a lot of attention from multiple sources. However, did you know that with a Cyber Essentials certification you can bid for the tenders. Without the certification, you can’t get past the initial bidding stage.

The reason being is because organisations are required to comply with Cyber Essentials controls because they will be handling sensitive, personal information and the provision of certain technical services.


With Cyber Essentials You Can…
Reduce future insurance premiums!

Cyber Insurance is a growing requirement by many organisations and supply chains, so it’s no surprise to learn that holding a valid Cyber Essentials certification means the price will be discounted.


As simple as it sounds, if you can prove you are actively protecting your clients and the data you handle with the correct methods, your insurance premiums will likely be lower.


With Cyber Essentials You Will…
Gain Trust From Your Supply Chain!

No one wants to suffer a data breach, but it’s always worth planning for a situation where one occurs.


That’s why a valid Cyber Essentials certification at least gives trust to your supply chain by knowing you are qualified to handle their data. No evidence that you handle data safely means that a lot of businesses will be turned off to work with you. Especially when it comes to allowing you to monitor and handle sensitive company information.



With Cyber Essentials You Can…
Avoid Potential GDPR fines!

GDPR is still a massive issue for many organisations. We are holders of both ISO 27001 and 9001 so we are well aware of the hoops you have to jump through to remain GDPR compliant.


However, being Cyber Essentials Plus certified makes that a lot easier. If you were to be analysed and put under the microscope, your Cyber Essentials certification can serve as evidence to an authority that you had the correct procedures and systems in place.


With Cyber Essentials You Will…
Have The Only Government Backed UK Cyber Qualification!

As mentioned earlier, Cyber Essentials is required when applying for government tenders – that’s because Cyber Essentials is the only UK Government backed qualification.


Now, that’s something to sing to the high heavens about. Having all your cyber activity to a UK Government standard.


With Cyber Essential You Can…
Get FREE Cyber Insurance!

Cyber Essentials certification can automatically give you free Cyber Liability Insurance if:


    • Your organisation has a turnover under £20 million
    • You’re certifying with the IASME certification body
    • Your organisation is domiciled in the UK


There are further terms and conditions but it is worth exploring if you qualify under these requirements.



Being a Cyber Essentials auditing body, we greatly believe all organisations should become Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus Certified. If you would like to begin your journey to becoming certified, visit our product page here.


Cloud Essentials is a big step for any business. Get in touch today to see what ways we can get your organisation certified and protected. Contact us on 02920 887 362 or send us an email at info@excellence-it.co.uk

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