Hosted VoIP for Business

Voice over Internet Protocol telephony allows for business users to make calls via their internet connection.
This is done by converting signals from traditional telephones into digital ones.
Read about the VoIP service we provide to businesses across Wales and the UK.

Revolutionising communication

Give your organisation the professional edge by using the most advanced telephony services on offer. Switching to a hosted VoIP system keeps traditional landline quality but with a range of features that were unavailable before. Using an internet connection, your employees can use all the tools of an office system, regardless of location.

Experience and Trust

Over the years of VoIP service we have provided to business owners, we have built up a strong relationship with our VoIP Partner 3CX.

3CX provide software to ensure VoIP communication is smooth and is never disrupted when talking internally or externally. Any handsets and VoIP systems we install in your business we would encourage the use of 3CX to ensure maximum benefits.


Customise to your organisation

Along with VoIP connectivity, we are able to offer complete customisation to the way your calls are handled. Only pay for the users you need, allow for calls to be queued, and even provide audio branding with extensive control over hold music and messages. Think of how important the impression is when customers phone your company, are you providing them with the best experience?

Our Hosted VoIP Services at a glance


Reduce Phone Bills

Cut your telephone costs in half with IP communications and SIP trunking.
The cost of maintaining your VoIP phone system is reduced dramatically as you can control every aspect of the network.


Scale up and down

Pay as your grow, and save if you shrink.
The ability to scale up or down licenses and handsets is one of the
major benefits of switching to a VoIP system.


Host from the cloud

Offer more security and advanced telephony features by connecting your VoIP system to the Cloud. Features such as extension dialing, auto attendants and conference bridges are just some of the benefits you can access.


Never miss a call

Forget missing a colleague due to poor signal or conflicting appointments. Set up call queues, forwarding and synchronisation to mobiles, to ensure a customer is never left unanswered.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about what VoIP can do for your business, read our blog post about why more and more businesses are switching to a VoIP systems. You’d be surprised to learn that even fax machines can be brought back to life using Voip!

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