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3 key reasons why Microsoft SharePoint could benefit your business

Microsoft SharePoint is a useful tool for businesses. Imagine a platform where you can manage documents and communications to improve workforce collaboration. This is what you get with SharePoint and these features can truly benefit organisations, across all industries.

First things first – What is Microsoft SharePoint?

In Microsoft’s own words, it’s described as a platform to “share work, organize projects and teams, discover people and information, build apps and websites, and manage risk”.

This brief description captures how powerful SharePoint is as a business tool. The functions of SharePoint help boost productivity, communication and collaboration; three key performance areas in any organisation. Through SharePoint users can download documents, edit work, communicate with employees, manage calendars, and the list goes on. In essence, it can be viewed as a centralised online location for your business and best of all it can be adapted to fit with how you operate.

What are the key benefits?


Effective collaboration is key to work faster and more efficiently. Problems arise when your team are out in the field, working from home or in a different office location. It’s easy to lose efficiency and miss out on creative ideas when your team are struggling to overcome these collaboration barriers.

SharePoint is the ideal tool for modern workforce collaboration. Working documents can be edited online, accessed on multiple devices and shared with multiple users. Your staff can work together and communicate through extensions such as Yammer® to complete work faster.

Document management

It’s never practical to have documents here, there and everywhere in your computer. Some lost and forgotten on a USB stick, others trapped in desktop folders. There are numerous reasons why enforcing effective document management can benefit any organisation.  Two key reasons would be that you might need to access work away from the office or your computer may encounter an issue, leading to the loss of files.

Being a cloud-based platform SharePoint acts as a centralised location for documents. You can keep folders organised and secure in an online space with extensive storage. This means work is backed up, can be accessed in multiple locations, across any device and can once again be viewed by multiple users.

Productivity boost

To better serve your customers and get more work done at the end of the day, productivity boosting tools are essential. Being a Microsoft product, SharePoint can integrate with Office 365 which means your staff can create, edit and manage work efficiently online. As Microsoft SharePoint can improve how your staff work together and access information, then productivity is a natural outcome. Your employees can save time and maintain focus easily through the site, resulting in them achieving more each day.

These 3 reasons highlight why Microsoft SharePoint can, not only solve problems in your organisation, but can also help you make key improvements. The powerful site can be adapted to fit how you work and this small update can make a huge difference.

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