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3 reasons why a strong network is important to your business

Many organisations are now exploring ways to innovate but with new technology paving the future of businesses, the demand for faster broadband is higher than ever. Businesses across all sectors need to be online or risk isolation in a connected, digital world. These three reasons summarise why in 2016, high-speed internet is imperative to your business.

1. New Technology Opportunities

To stay ahead of competitors and boost work productivity business leaders need to pay attention to new technology developments. Advances in the world of IT have a direct impact on how we work. Consider how cloud computing has taken the world by storm. Cloud technology has dramatically impacted how businesses operate and this type of computing relies on strong internet connectivity. If your internet connection is not up to the challenge of innovation then you risk falling behind.

2. Efficient Use of internet based applications and services

Internet-based applications and services are increasingly popular in business. Any type of platform that runs online (social media being an example) will only operate efficiently if the network is strong enough. These types of technology demand a certain level of capacity and bandwidth. If your network cannot manage peaks in traffic and internet activity then you will not reap the return on your efforts and investment.

3. Keeping up with the customers

In our fast-paced society, customers are more demanding than ever. They expect quick, effective and simplified customer service. To combat this need, businesses implement social customer care or live chat but these once again depend on strong internet and fast speeds.

Businesses mainly communicate online via email, social, IM or VoIP (internet based telephony). Maintaining the pace of these communications is imperative to deliver quality customer service therefore fast internet speed is essential. In 2016, customers demand availability and can easily look elsewhere if they feel their needs are not being met.

So, are you looking to improve your broadband? The Welsh Government now provides grants to help improve broadband for homes and businesses across Wales. Recent changes to the Welsh Government’s Access Broadband Cymru and Ultrafast Schemes mean that homes and businesses across Wales who require superfast connections, are now eligible to apply for full support.

What can ABC and Ultrafast fund do for you?

The scheme provides grants to fund (or part fund) the installation and hardware costs of new broadband connections for homes and businesses in Wales. A range of technologies can be used to deliver superfast speeds and we may be able to provide eligible services to your home or business alongside these schemes.

For more information on how you can apply for this superfast broadband support, please visit the website to find out more.

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