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4 simple ways to improve your focus at work

Are you struggling to pull focus at work? Perhaps you work in a distracting environment or have a mission impossible task list. Try these 4 simple tricks to set your mind back on track.

There are times when even the most focused individual can struggle to concentrate at work. Factors such as lack of sleep, stress, technology overload, and a noisy office can all lead to a concentration road block. What can you do to overcome these barriers and focus your mind?

Stay organised

During busy work periods, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with projects and deadlines. Knowing where to start and what to prioritise is a simple way to improve your focus.

The fact is ‘spinning plates’ doesn’t make you productive. If you are busy it’s essential to stay highly organised and work to a process that helps you control your workload. It might help to write down your tasks or use online note-taking platforms to feel organised and focused. Sync your to-do list with your work calendar to set solid deadlines and stay on top of your tasks.

Implement concentration boosting tech

Following on from the above point about online to-do lists, there are technology solutions available to curb concentration-block.

There are plenty of smart, digital platforms available to help you improve focus at work. Whilst technology can in itself be a distraction, these applications have been designed to lend a hand. If you check your phone too much or get distracted by Facebook feeds, there are solutions to save the day.

Take a break

Research shows that regular breaks are good to keep your mind productive. Taking a ‘micro break’ (between 30 seconds and 5 minutes) improves mental acuity by an average of 13%.

If you are forcing yourself to focus on a specific task, it’s worthwhile taking a step back. Go grab a drink or step outside for fresh air. A few minutes away from your desk can help improve your concentration in the long run.

Consult a colleague

If you are struggling to focus, don’t be shy about asking for assistance from a colleague. You might just need a few pointers from the person sat next to you! This is useful advice if you are working on multiple tasks. Asking a colleague can prove beneficial. They might just have the answer to the question that is causing your brain to overload or they might offer an extra pair of hands.

If your colleague is also struggling to focus, you may need to assess your work environment to adjust noise levels or room temperature.

Put these simple tips to the test and see if it helps improve your focus at work. Let us know how you get on by tweeting us!

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