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6 things you need to know about Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint has long been a popular platform for building effective presentations. Its heritage status should be respected. Since the launch of PowerPoint over 25 years ago technology has evolved significantly yet it’s managed to survive.

Throughout the years PowerPoint has maintained popularity. It’s estimated that by its 25th year anniversary, PowerPoint was installed on 1 billion computers worldwide.


Despite PowerPoint’s loyal following and recognised status, the presentation game has significantly changed. Shiny, new competitors have since stormed onto the scene. The fresh, innovative allure of web-based platforms such as Prezi undoubtedly challenge PowerPoint by altering people’s perceptions.

Everyone dreads out-dated, old fashioned presentations. You know the sort – word art, multiple animations and generic templates.

New platforms make presentations that look and feel different to a classic PowerPoint. There can be a certain stigma attached to a presentation created on PowerPoint – but this is all down to the design.

A fresh look at PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a relic platform, it is definitely a classic but it’s not out of style. The new features of Microsoft 2016 include collaboration tools and additional design tools to make your presentation stand out.

Users who tackle PowerPoint with a fresh approach and, get to know the new features and functionality can create highly-effective presentations.

To get your started, take a look at our guide – The six things you need to know about PowerPoint (click to expand).


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