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Addressing social media and cyber security

Chances are your company is active, in some way or another, on social media. Are you aware that these platforms are monitored and targeted by cyber-criminals?

In 2016, cyber security is a critical issue that impacts organisations on a global scale. The dangers of the online world are forcing businesses to tighten up on security policies and procedures.

Cyber-criminals will always try to stay one step ahead. When one door closes they will persistently seek another route. This level of determination forces business leaders to develop a holistic approach to cyber security.

Why is there a threat on social media?

The Information Security Breaches survey conducted by PwC in 2015 revealed that 13% of large organisations had a security or data breach relating to social networks.

If you follow a company on social media you can take a peek into their world. Customers can get to know their favourite brands and gain a valuable experience from what is shared online. Unfortunately, cyber criminals can view the same information and use this against the target company.

In addition to monitoring social networks and gleaning details about a business, cyber-criminals can also prey on the nature of these networks. Masses of posts circulate on social media sites. These may include links and offers which call for users to like, share and engage. It’s an easy phishing trap where malware can circulate around a large audience hidden behind fake buttons, links or adverts.

Managing the threat

Identifying that social media poses a security threat to your business is a start.

The next step does NOT include closing down your sites and stripping your business of all social media presence. It’s about building awareness in your organisation and putting measures in place to protect your business on social networks.

We have created an infographic guide to help you manage this growing threat. View our guide, circulate to your staff and stay social without exposing your business.

social media and cyber security infographic

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