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How can Cyber Essentials help my business?

Cyber Essentials is a security standard that businesses can be assessed and measured against.


It’s a surefire way to ensure you are protecting your own and your client’s data.


Launched in June 2014, Cyber Essentials is an industry backed government scheme. The goal of it is to help all organisations protect themselves when encountering common cyber-attacks and dangers. When an organisation has completed the scheme successfully, they receive a certificate to use on their digital and physical materials.


At this moment in time, there are currently two qualifications businesses can obtain:




We’ve been actively auditing Cyber Essentials for organisations across Wales and the UK. Meaning we have hands on experience of guiding business through the accreditation. So, we can evaluate your needs and recommend which certification would be perfect for your needs.


What does Cyber Essentials protect you from?


The scheme addresses the most frequent and reoccurring cyber security threats. These threats would be instances that use a lot of universally accessible tools from the internet and require basic skills.


For instance, these could be threats like:


  • Hacking: Identifying known weaknesses in internet connected devices, using commonly accessible tools and techniques.


  • Phishing: Evaluating other instances where users are tricked into installing or downloading malicious files and software onto their machines.


  • Password Infiltration: Either automatic or manual efforts to access an account from the internet. By trying to guess passwords.


How does it benefit my business?


Demonstrates security

This can give you an added edge over your competitors in your industry or sector. As the certification proves you can offer improved security and provide lower risks for your customers.


Relieves stress

Empowers your team with the peace of mind that they are vulnerable to cyber threats. Cyber Essentials prevents your business against 80% of online attacks.


Provides new opportunities

A great advantage the certification gives is that your business will be able to bid for UK government contracts. These contracts will be projects or tenders that involve the handling of personal or sensitive data. With Cyber Essentials you can prove you can qualify to manage this type of information.


Potential money saved

Did you know that insurance companies look favourably on SME’s with Cyber Essentials. This is because you have proved that you have a plan of action in place to enhance security and prevent the chances of a cyber-attack.


Next steps?


Cyber Essentials is great way to improve your offering to potential clients. As well as a perfect way to make sure your employees are protected from cyber risks and attacks. Whether you are based in Wales or the UK, it’s a brilliant certification that is recognised nationwide.

If you’d like to learn about how we can improve your Cyber Security or get you Cyber Essentials qualified, then please get in contact with us on 02920 887 362 or send us an email at

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