Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance is becoming a necessary evil for modern businesses. But do you need it? Can you even get it? And if so, how can you afford it?

MSPs and Internal IT Resources

Why do MSPs have to fight like cats and dogs? Well, they don’t. Read on to discover how both working together might be the optimal solution.

Windows 11

So Windows 11 has landed, and there’s been plenty of opportunity for people to get to grips with the latest iteration of Microsoft’s ubiquitous OS. But should your organisation take the plunge and upgrade today? Read on for our recommendation… New Features Remote working is the way the world of work is moving, and Windows […]

A Ransomware Record for 2021

SonicWall, longstanding partner of excellence IT and firewall and cybersecurity solutions provider , have released their mid-year threat report, and it’s dominated by a huge increase in ransomware attacks. So what is ransomware, why is it on the rise, and what can your business do to stop it?  Ransomware is getting worse…  Ransomware is a […]

CJSM Emails: Making the Secure Simple

Cybersecurity should be high on every organisation’s list of priorities. But when it comes to organisations connected to the criminal justice system, the need to regularly transmit highly sensitive data means security takes on an even higher level of importance. 

PSTN Switch Off 2025

In 2025 the UK’s PSTN Network is being switched off. What is it, and why should you care?