SharePoint: How do you get the most out of it?

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Remote working is a great solution for businesses. SharePoint has some great features to support this. Services like SharePoint have become vital for work operations. But are users truly getting the most out of the features of the software? As a Microsoft Partner who specialises in managed IT support, Office 365 is a great option […]

Key reasons why Disaster Recovery limits cyber-attack damage

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Experts are already predicting a bumpy year for cyber security in 2017. Whilst proactive security is essential, effective disaster recovery could just save the day if a dreaded cyber-attack hits your business. Think 2016 was a bad year for cyber security? In 2017 security experts are predicting that cyber criminals will execute more sophisticated, advanced […]

3 ways your customers benefit from cloud migration

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Are you thinking of moving to the cloud? When considering the benefits of cloud migration, don’t just think of the internal changes, assess how this will impact your customers. It’s no secret that the cloud is the future of business. Gartner has said that by 2020, a corporate ‘no-cloud’ policy will be as rare as […]

4 key reasons why routine data backup is important

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Do you routinely backup data in your business? A simple routine backup could save your business but many organisations are still struggling to remain consistent when it comes to data backups Research shows that 98% of businesses do not backup all of their data. Although this statistic shows there is effort being made to backup, […]

Cloud computing for beginners

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Let’s start from the beginning – what is cloud computing? Cloud computing continues to be a popular topic in the business world, but do you understand cloud computing and realise how it could benefit your business? This is not a question to catch you out. It’s simply to help bring you up to speed if […]