Zero Trust Security

Lock and padlock

What is Zero Trust? Imagine your network is like a house. There’s a lock on the front door, and only specific people have the key to get in, but once inside those people have access to every room. The locked door is the corporate firewall, once perceived as the main security boundary and what users […]

A Ransomware Record for 2021

Computer Virus and malware

SonicWall, longstanding partner of excellence IT and firewall and cybersecurity solutions provider , have released their mid-year threat report, and it’s dominated by a huge increase in ransomware attacks. So what is ransomware, why is it on the rise, and what can your business do to stop it?  Ransomware is getting worse…  Ransomware is a […]

CJSM Emails: Making the Secure Simple

CJSM Emails Blog Background

Cybersecurity should be high on every organisation’s list of priorities. But when it comes to organisations connected to the criminal justice system, the need to regularly transmit highly sensitive data means security takes on an even higher level of importance. 

Friend’s Facebook been hacked? Send them this.

Facebook Log In Details

It’s the messages you don’t expect – the ones that come from contacts you rarely speak to, or the messages don’t sound like the person they’re being sent from, or, most importantly, include strange looking links.