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Our Insights section combines explanations of important IT topics with hints and tips to help you work more efficiently and stay safe online.

Microsoft 365 (NCE) Licence Renewal Tool

Thanks to your feedback and the hard work of our creative and very talented Software Development team, we’ve created a tool that helps automate the NCE licence renewals process. 

The Grinch Guide to Cyber Security

Explore cyber security with a twist in ‘The Grinch Guide,’ blending humor and tips to outsmart digital Grinches and protect your online Whoville.

Fake QR Code Scams: How to Identify and Avoid Them

Fake QR codes are the new cyber security scam to be aware of. Find out what this scam is and how to protect against the scam in this blog.

Norton Security Winter Report 2023

The Norton Holiday Report 2023 is a comprehensive document that covers various aspects of online holiday shopping and cyber safety. With Black Friday on the horizon, the Norton report highlights continual issues in the digital world.

What is Digital Footprint? How to Protect & Manage Yours

Cyber security doesn’t just stop with technology. Improving your digital footprint via your online actions is just as important.

Avoid These Black Friday Scams in 2023

Black Friday is around the corner. It’s time to be prepared to avoid these Black Friday Scams.

Microsoft Word Traning Course for Dummies

Microsoft Word is the most popular application of the Microsoft Office Suite. We take a dive into tips and tricks for beginners.

Microsoft PowerPoint for Dummies

PowerPoint offers a platform to create slideshows that combine multimedia to communicate ideas. Still, it can be difficult to learn for beginners.

How to deal with Sextortion: Cyber Security Email Advice

Sextortion is a growing worry in 2023. Emails are sent to scare individuals and scam them for their money. So, how do you deal with sextortion?