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Our Insights section combines explanations of important IT topics with hints and tips to help you work more efficiently and stay safe online.

The Benefits of Having IT Support for Business

Reap the benefits of IT support for your business. Boost productivity, enhance security, and save costs with expert IT solutions. Learn how these advantages can transform your operations!

5 Signs Your Business Needs IT Support

Is your business battling tech issues or security threats? Discover five signs you need professional IT support and how we, your local experts, can help your business thrive.

IT Support Newsletter: May 2024

Is it time for a week in the sun yet? We share our best cyber security tips for those travelling this summer.

How to deal with Sextortion: Cyber Security Email Advice

Sextortion is a growing worry in 2024. Emails are sent to scare individuals and scam them for their money. So, how do you deal with sextortion?

10 Cyber Security Travel Tips for a Safe and Relaxing Holiday

Do you need to work but want to avoid taking your laptop? An internet café may be a poor idea from a cyber security perspective… 10 Top Cyber Security Tips for Travelling and Holidays.

Excellence IT Announce Dell Gold Partnership

We’re happy to formally announce we’re now Dell Gold Partners. Read all about it here.

Another One? Seasalt Cornwall Victim of Online Scam

The Seasalt Cornwall Scam involves fraudsters creating fake social media ads and websites that offer enormous discounts on Seasalt Cornwall products. These scams lure shoppers with promises of up to 90% off on items like coats and dresses. Unfortunately, once you make a purchase, you never receive the items, and your money is gone.

ChatGPT-4o: Business Benefits and Privacy Concerns

Uncover the dark side of ChatGPT-4o! Learn about the privacy risks that could expose your business’s sensitive data. Protect yourself before it’s too late!

Defend Your Business with Strong Email Security

Explore why robust email security is crucial for every business. Learn how protecting your emails can prevent costly data breaches and secure your company’s future.