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Change Management: Tips to help employees adopt technology changes

A technology refresh in the workplace can do wonders for efficiency and productivity. There is a key barrier to overcome which could be the difference between success and failure – your employees.

Business and technology go hand in hand these days. If you want to overcome a problem, make significant improvements or achieve growth objectives, there are technologies to help you get to your desired destination.

Challenge number one is choosing the right technology solution (this is not a sales pitch we promise). When you jump over this hurdle and plan the implementation, it’s crucial to consider how your employees will respond.

Fear of change

There are many reasons why employees fear change. If they have worked to a process for numerous years, it can feel alien to mix things up. Technology is often met with mixed feelings. Whilst individuals may see the value it adds, there will always be opposition. This could be scepticism of the technology benefits or fear that it will make areas of work redundant.

Studies show that on average 20% of people are against any change. It’s worth paying attention to this statistic. It demontrates that a portion of your workforce will be hesitant to change and this could impact the success of your technology project. As stated in Business2Community online, “A common mistake that organizations make while estimating the ROI is the assumption that there will be 100 percent technology adoption at go-live.”

If you want to see the return on your investment and reap the benefits of a technology update, it’s important to prioritise change management in the workforce.

Change Management tips: Employee adoption

Now that we have established the importance of employee buy-in, it’s time to assess how to go about it. It might feel like a headache but your efforts here will pay off post-implementation.

Click to view our infographic guide to gain tips on how to support your employees when adopting new technology in the workplace.

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