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CJSM Emails: Making the Secure Simple

Cybersecurity should be high on every organisation’s list of priorities. But when it comes to organisations connected to the criminal justice system, the need to regularly transmit highly sensitive data means security takes on an even higher level of importance. 

The Criminal Justice Secure Email (CJSM) system is designed to facilitate just that; the communication of sensitive information between organisations in the criminal justice system. This is a highly secure email system only available to Government Departments, Legal Counsel and some legal practitioners.  

To get access to CJSM, each organisation has to go through rigorous assurance processes, including providing sponsor details and a physical address. Once accepted, users will be able to access the secure email through a dedicated web portal. 

For some users and organisations, this is sufficient – they use the web portal to send and receive sensitive information, and their normal email system for everything else. For many, however, having two separate emails is unintuitive and clunky, they would prefer to access all their emails in one place.  

This can be done, as long as CJSM authorises a connection from your mail platform to their system. Authorising these connections, however, is not something that is done lightly. Fortunately, at excellence IT we have experience in helping our customers navigate the process. 

Connecting CJSM to your Mail Platform 

Having a connection authorised involves the CJSM thoroughly interrogating your organisation’s IT policies, processes and infrastructure, with a heavy focus on security. We’re able to fully manage your application, making sense of the more detailed technical requirements, and recommending security measures that improve your chance of a successful application.  

Once the connection is approved, it’s simply a case of supplying CJSM with the relevant details of your system and configuring your mail application. 

Will I Need to Reapply? 

Your connection to the CJSM system is based on both your domains and your email platform, so if either of these things change, your connection may be disabled. For example, migrating to the cloud, changing your email system or even changing your domain from ‘.com’ to ‘’ might mean that CJSM disable the connection to your normal email platform. The only way to reinstate the connection is to reapply. 

Best of Both Worlds 

We’re strong believers in the idea that technology should never make things more difficult for people to do their jobs. That’s why we’ve helped a number of organisations connect their email platform to CJSM without making them fill in onerous forms or jump between the CSJM web portal and their own email systems. 

If you want help bridging the gap between compliance and convenience, contact us at  or call 02920 887 362

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