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Covid-19 Update: our steps to ensuring seamless business continuity during the Coronavirus

As more developments about the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) happen, we wanted to share with you our business continuity plan…

First and foremost, we are a technology organisation, so we are well prepared for the result of working remotely and being away from our offices.

We can guarantee that we can continue to provide a seamless service should any of our colleagues need to work remotely (due to self-isolation, school closures, etc.) or should we decide to close our physical location and switch to complete remote working.

We can ensure this because:

  • All our staff have access to incoming phone calls and can transfer to connect you to the appropriate person through our VoIP service
  • All our staff are equipped with laptops that are connected to our network via a secure and encrypted VPN line. Ensuring your data is never compromised
  • All our staff have the ability to use our software packages, meaning quotes, order processing is still available remotely

As always, our operational hours will be 8am to 6pm, with our phone lines always open during this time.

Our virtual helpdesk is also operational 24/7, with your ability to log support tickets not being affected by remote working.

   Need help logging a ticket? Head to or help page here

If you have any questions regarding your business and need advice, please contact us on
02920 887 362 and we offer guidance on how you can remain connected to conduct business.

Alternatively, you can always email us at with any other inquiries.

Next steps?

If you would like any more information about how to equip your business to work remotely, please give us a call on 02920 887 362 or send us an email us at

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