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Cyber Security Awareness Training For Your Employees – Free Taster Quiz!

Cyber security awareness training for employees is vitally important – so test them with this free quiz…

We launched SecureIT earlier this month, and the response has been fantastic. However, we wanted people to truly understand how important cyber security education is for your employees.
So we’ve uploaded a small quiz of our automated phishing quiz from SecureIT, for you to try out. Just click the start button below and see how you get on. Feel free to pass this onto your team and see how they do.
Perhaps some alarm bells will start ringing…

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What is SecureIT?

SecureIT is an automated cyber security training platform designed to decrease a users’ human risk factor through real-life phishing situations, security vulnerabilities, and course learning. Train your staff through easy to digest training, and monitor the improvements being made.

Organisations across the world are now investing heavily in more complex systems to ensure their networks are constantly protected from outside dangers. And as a managed service provider, we couldn’t agree more.

One area that continues to go undervalued is cyber security training. Especially when it comes to users day to day activity. It’s no secret that cyber criminals are getting smarter and more deceptive, but human error is still the number one passage to large scale hacking attacks.

That’s why we have worked hard to develop a simple and effective tool to teach cyber security to a whole organisation of users, without it feeling like a huge commitment. Say hello to SecureIT.

Watch our overview video to discover more:

Next Steps?

If you’re interested in how SecureIT can work with your business, get in contact with us on 02920 887 362 or send us an email at

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