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Excellence IT Announce Dell Gold Partnership

excellence IT earn Dell Gold Partnership Status

We’re in the news!

We’ve had a fantastic year at Excellence IT, working with some great clients, staff and partners – and we’ve topped it off by achieving Dell Gold Partnership!

Read the full story below:

A Caerphilly-based IT firm has marked a strong year of growth after securing a number of prominent contracts in the defence, fintech and manufacturing sectors.

Excellence IT, which specialises in offering fully managed IT support, infrastructure, cyber security and training, has seen a 40% growth in its seven-figure revenue since last year and was named a Dell Gold Partner

The company is currently one of the few accredited Dell Gold Partners in Wales, an award that signifies technical expertise with strict training and qualification criteria. It’s also revenue-based, meaning only certain-sized firms are eligible.

Dell Gold Partner Logo

The company, based at De Clare Court, was founded in 2002 by its owners Andy Beer and Andy Jarlett-Green and has 19 members of staff. It’s currently looking to increase its headcount by recruiting two further roles in an Infrastructure Engineer and a Cloud Technician. 

Andrew Beer - Director of Excellence IT
Andy Beer
Director of Excellence IT

Cofounder, Andy Beer said it was a combination of building relationships and forward-thinking that was the key to its continued success. 

Andy said: “Since founding the business over twenty years ago we’ve always emphasised building relationships, both with our customers and our staff. It’s why we’ve been fortunate to see continual growth in the business year after year, and combined with our focus on the future, it’s what keeps us ahead of the curve.

“We’ve long been advocates for cloud technology and support, which paid off during the COVID crisis as many companies suddenly found themselves having to operate almost entirely remotely. We had been 100% cloud many years before Covid which helped with a quick transition to serving our clients when lockdown came.

“Thanks to our way of working, our clients were already ahead and so found the process far less of an upheaval. This led to us gaining more clients which, in turn, allowed us to take on and train more staff, resulting in us having the capacity to service a range of new contracts across a number of sectors. Something we are confident in continuing as we grow our team further.” 

Fellow Cofounder Andy Jarlett-Green said the need for responsive IT support was greater now than ever: “The technological world is changing faster than ever before. The rise in AI tools is accelerating the ability and efficiency of other software, meaning we can get more done at a faster pace with fewer resources. 

“However, this also means that we rely more on our systems than before, meaning it’s more important now than ever to ensure our technology works, is safe and is being used correctly. This, along with our growing reputation for IT support and cyber security, is why we are confident we will continue to build on our recent growth now and into the future.”

Andy G Profile Image
Andy Jarlett-Green
Director of Excellence IT

More information on how to apply for the Infrastructure Engineer role can be found on our careers page.

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