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Excellence IT Community Donates to Good Cause

£570 has been donated to Cancer Research Wales following the culmination of the excellence IT fantasy football league.

Winner of the league, Keith James of Celtic Recycling, kindly offered to donate the money to excellence IT’s charity of the year, Cancer Research Wales. This was combined with further donations from both Celtic Recycling and excellence IT to reach the final amount.

Keith commented “Both excellence IT and Celtic Recycling love giving to good causes, and we were happy to donate to excellence IT’s charity of the year, Cancer Research Wales.

As for the fantasy league, my strategy from day one was to use as many Man City players as possible, partly to win the league, and partly to annoy Liverpool and Man U fans (excellence IT Director Andy Green included) I think it’s fair to say the results speak for themselves!”

Rhodri Davies, Head of Income Generation for Cancer Research Wales, commented:

“We are extremely grateful for your generous donation to Cancer Research Wales.

Your gift will give people living with cancer hope for a better future by enabling us to fund the best cancer researchers and clinicians to make discoveries that will transform lives across Wales. 

Through Cancer Research Wales you are helping to change the meaning of a cancer diagnosis, you are helping to make sure people don’t have to accept cancer as a life-threatening disease, and you are helping to change the future for the next generation.

All of us here at Cancer Research Wales really appreciate your support. Generosity is in the DNA of our supporters, just as research is in ours. Thank you again for your kind gift which will help bring better treatments closer to home, and change the outlook for all cancers, all people and all of Wales.”

Cancer Research Wales is an independent Wales cancer research charity funding pioneering research into the key areas of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Wales. You can support them by visiting

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