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5 Funny Hacking Stories From Around The World

You’ve seen it in cinema blockbusters, a master hacker types at the speed of light, and unlocks all the security in a blink of an eye. It’s completely unbelievable… or is it?


With our services auditing businesses through Cyber Essentials, we know all about how criminals can access company data. We’ve even detailed some of the most common methods, as well as the different types of malware there are.


However, we are always impressed by some of the more creative and unusual routes hackers take.


So here are 5 of the funniest hacking stories we’ve heard:



Just like we’ve written before about the Internet of Things, unprotected devices are just as vulnerable to attacks.

In San Francisco in 2014, a group of hackers worked out how to manipulate electronic road signs used for temporary road works. The changed the signs to read ‘GODZILLA ATTACK! TURN BACK!’

Which to the amusement of all road users, wasn’t acknowledged.

Man hacks a company and blackmails them for a job


Back in 2010, a hacker attempted to threaten the Marriott International security firm giving him a job. The person in question was 26-year-old Attila Nemeth from Hungary.


Attila transmitted a malicious code to the companies company network. Then threatened to do more damage unless he was given a job with the company.


Luckily for Marriott, they responded to the hacker by setting up a fake employee account with the promise of a job. Nemeth responded by sending over his CV, passport and other identification. Unfortunately, this was all passed onto the U.S secret service.

Hacking a Telegraph


Although hacking and cybercrime seems like a very modern offence. There are records of its existence long before this.

Take 1903 for example. The Royal Academy of Sciences were preparing to demonstrate a long-distance wireless telegraph message between London and Cornwall. Using a new machine designed by Guglielmo Marconi.

As the demonstration was about to begin, the recipients in London started to receive some odd messages. The word ‘Rats’ was sent over and over, until it changed to tapping out an insulting poem about Marconi “diddling the public”.

It turns out the hacker was a magician and prankster Nevil Maskelyne, but he’s interception did prove that the connection was vulnerable, and messages were not private.

Operation: Cupcake


Another perfect example of a hack being completely harmless but highlighting security issues.

In 2011 British intelligence service MI6 took over a radical Muslim preachers’ online magazine and replaced an article on how to manufacture pipe bombs, with a collection of cupcake recipes.

Their response was explosive.

Thunderstruck power plant!


Unless you’re Homer Simpson, working in a nuclear power plant should be a safe and secure place to work. Until a hacker comes along…

In 2010, US and Israeli coders unleased a computer worm on Iranian nuclear facilities. Although some sensitive information was shared and distributed, the other element of the hack was out of the ordinary.

They decided to upload AC/DC’s track ‘Thunderstruck’ to the main PA system. Meaning that at random intervals, the tune would blast out throughout the building.



Don’t fancy being on the end of any these hilarious stories? Make sure your business is secure and you have got the best Cyber Security possible for your workforce.

If you have any other questions about Cyber Essentials of Internet Security, then please get in contact with us on 02920 887 362 or send us an email at

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