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Google Drive AI Assistant

Google Drive AI Assistant
Google Drive AI Assistant

Google has recently introduced a new era for Google Drive and AI. The emergence of AI over the last couple of years has been spectacular, and the latest introduction of Google Drive and AI will be nothing short of that. 

What is AI for Google Workspace?

AI for Google Workspace users utilises artificial intelligence to help create, enhance or automate processes, streamlining the modern workplace. With the introduction of AI for Google Drive and Google Workspace, we will be changing how we utilise raw data, bring our creativity to life and proofread our Google documents.

Google Drive and Gmail are the first tools to test the new AI-generated content, but we expect Google to test other tools within the next few months. 

With ChatGPT, the soon-to-be Microsoft Copilot, and the introduction of AI for Google Drive and Workspace, and if it wasn’t enough of artificial intelligence during 2023, 2024 will be the year artificial intelligence enhances our daily lives. 

For more information on AI for Google Workspace, check out the video below.

Google Workspace – AI Assistant

Features of Google Drive AI Assistant

AI features coming to Google Docs include:

AI-enabled Search

It can be difficult to find files when there are hundreds of them. 

The introduction of AI-enabled search enables you to find these files with ease. With the help of your new Google Drive AI Assistant, finding finds and generating recommendations, you’ll never lose your files again.

AI-enhanced File Organisation 

Finally, it’s time to minimise the tasks that can be a pain in your daily work life. Google Drive AI Assistant will enhance the organisation of your files. Google Drive AI Assistant will categorise your files, reducing the time required to look for the correct folder to place your Google Docs.

Locating the correct file can also be a burden. You can quickly find files through AI-generated recommendations with Google Drive’s AI Assistant. A feature that will save time to focus elsewhere is a feature we are excited about.

Automation through Workflows

Google Drive AI will introduce workflows to the Google suite. As for right now, what exactly we’ll be able to do is still unknown. However, Google has stated custom workflows will begin through Google Chat, and we hope it’s rolled out across other applications on the Google suite, too.

Currently, Power Automate, a Microsoft tool utilised throughout the Office 365 package, is an essential part of everyday work life. The introduction of creating workflows to improve productivity through the Google suite will be a welcomed addition by most users.

Improved Collaboration

Improved collaboration is a benefit for the majority of AI generators. Your new AI-Assistant will help streamline your collaboration by providing real-time insights for documents being worked on by many people simultaneously. Additionally, there are suggestions that Google Drive AI can help enhance your team’s productivity through predictive text, further improving collaboration for Google Drive users.

Streamlined File Sharing

Sharing files can be challenging. Google Drives new features will ensure businesses can secure and share files at speed and ease. The tool is expected to recommend sharing options and enable exclusive access for those who require it. 

Google Drive Icon
Google Drive Icon


Google Drive and Gmail are introducing AI to their applications, and we’re looking forward to trying them out to increase productivity, collaboration and automate daily tasks. And whilst we are still waiting for the Google AI Assistant rollout for these applications, it’s for a good reason. President of Google for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Matt Brittin, has insisted that Google AI is “too important not to get right”.

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