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How to undo a windows update

Keeping your computer up to date is an important thing. But unfortunately, it can cause a few problems. So, How can you undo a Windows update??

Before we reveal how to undo a Windows update it is vital that we explain why you should install updates for your Windows operating system:

  • Fixes: Updates usually patch or improve any software that has bugs or glitches within the Windows operating system
  • Security: In the past Windows updates have disclosed that their updates have provided security updates for firewalls and antivirus tools
  • New features: Updates also provide users with any new features that Windows has released since the previous version. A great example of this is Internet Explorer, which has finally been getting revolutionary program updates to make it much more user-friendly.
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But why would you want to undo a Windows update?

In some circumstances, a Windows update can make older programs not run or encounter glitches. This usually happens when the software affected is older and has stopped being updated by the developer.

In this instance, we would recommend looking for a new software alternative, as updates are vital to remaining protected from security vulnerabilities.

However, it might be worthwhile reverting your update to regain access your affected software to take any data or information to need before replacing.

Okay, How do you undo a Windows update?

  1. Press the Windows and the letter I key to bring up the setting app. If you cannot use a keyboard, press the Windows start button and then the security cog button

  2. From the menu, choose ‘Update and Security’

  3. Now click the ‘Update History Link’

  4. Click the ‘Uninstall updates heading’

  5. Now from the list, choose which updates you ant to undo or revert. Once you click, your PC will then go into an update progress mode. So make sure you save any work you don’t want to be lost!

  6. Prepare to wait…

  7. And that’s it! You can now undo a windows update!

Next steps?

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