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excellence IT are pleased to announce that we have passed the annual surveillance audits for both of our ISO accreditations. 

ISO are internationally recognised standards, with companies needing to meet a comprehensive list of requirements in order to be accredited. Audits take place annually, with two surveillance audits and a full recertification audit taking place in a three year cycle.  

At excellence IT, we are accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 for our quality management and information security management systems respectively. ISO 9001 ensures we deliver high quality service to our customers, and that we have robust operational processes in place. In contrast, ISO 27001 requires us to manage data and information in a secure and responsible way, which we believe is a must for any company trusted with their customers’ networks and IT systems. 

The two day audit found no major nonconformances, with only minor recommendations being made to bring us even further into line with the standards. 

Director Anne Beer commented “ISO standards are a great way to reassure our customers they are dealing with a responsible and capable organisation, so we’re really pleased to have passed. We always try to also use the audits as a genuine opportunity to improve how we operate, so we’re really grateful for the feedback we’ve received because even minor changes can help us make things better for us and our customers.” 

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