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IT Support Newsletter: January 2024

January Newsletter 2024
January Newsletter 2024

January has ‘taken off’ with the introduction of Microsoft Copilot.

Copilot is now accessible to all, thanks to Microsoft’s decision to eliminate the Enterprise requirement.

Copilot in Microsoft 365 saves time and helps boost productivity and creativity.

Community Project

In 2024, we have ambitious plans to enhance our reuse and recycling initiative. Our appreciation goes out to our customers who continually recycle their old laptops with us. This allows us to refurbish these laptops to their original condition, providing them with a new lease of life and benefiting members of our community.

If you know local communities that could benefit from this program, please get in touch. While we cannot promise laptops for everyone, we are eager to expand the list of community groups/charities we can support.

Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security Training Platform

82% of data breaches are due to human mistakes.

To significantly reduce this risk, it’s crucial to educate those in the workplace.

With our short, interactive and affordable cyber security training platform, you get:

  • A quick quiz to gauge your employees understanding of cyber risks
  • Easy-to-digest training courses sent directly to their inbox
  • A clear record of how this training helps your organisation to be safer
  • Our training platform scans the dark web for comprised data
  • Sends out phishing simulations to evaluate if employees are alert to cyber security threats

From as little as £2 per user, per month.

That’s less than a Happy Meal at McDonald’s…

Check out our Cyber Security training platform today.

3CX Version 20

3CX will be undergoing an upgrade to version 20 soon. We will be in touch before this update goes live.

Scan QR Codes? Watch Out

QR Code scams are still rising. We wrote a blog about this in December, and it’s worth spending 2 minutes to help avoid falling victim.

IT Support in Cardiff

Based just outside of Cardiff, Excellence IT is a managed service provider, helping businesses with their IT support and services and cyber security. Contact us today by submitting a form below or email

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