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Maintain Security When Employees Work Remotely or From Home – Free PDF Guide!

A lot of our clients are now working remotely or from home. IT security is now more vital than ever before.

How do you maintain security when employees work remotely or from home?
Excellence IT has the answers!

Naturally, many of our clients are having to work from home due to COVID-19. Most of them have had little time or no resources to plan for this eventuality, so we’ve put together a guide on homeworking. Using guidance from The National Cyber Security Centre, our guide focuses on employees having to work from home on unsecured personal devices.

All the advice mentioned in this guide is actionable and should be straight forward. However please do not hesitate to get in contact if you require more information or further explanation.

The following information is also available in PDF form. Just click the link below to download a version you can share with your staff.

💾 Download your guide to maintaining security when employees work remotely or from home

Hopefully, the above infographic has helped explain why personal devices need to be protected. Please make sure to download the PDF and share with your team. It’s more important than ever to make sure you are not putting your business in jeopardy.

IT Security is one of our biggest challenges as a managed service provider. We want to ensure our clients are protected regardless of where they are working. Making sure we can provide proactive advice that can be put into action is a great way to protect our clients.

If you’re still worried about how to maintain security when your employees are working remotely or from home, get in contact with us on 02920 887 362 or send us an email at

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