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Make Cyber Security Best Practice Your New Year’s Resolution!

It’s a new year and a new chance to improve cyber security in your organisation. Here’s why you should make cyber security best practise your New Year’s resolution in 2017…

What will cyber security look like in 2017?

Following a turbulent 2016, cyber security will be once again put to the test in 2017. Cyber criminals will continue to target businesses attempting to steal data and disrupt services. Experts predict we will see attacks on IoT, large-scale DDoS attacks and a rise in ransomware.

New year and time for an update

It’s essential to take a ‘360-degree’ approach to cyber security throughout your organisation. You need to assess where you might be vulnerable and how this can be improved.

It’s easy to return to work in January and overlook this critical area of investment. We advise making this a New Year’s resolution to ensure your business to ready to face the growing cyber threat in 2017.

Whether you are looking to make one resolution or more than one, we have highlighted 6 to help you on your way. Take a look at our infographic and let us know which you choose!

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