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Microsoft 365 (NCE) Licence Renewal Tool

New Commerce Experience (NCE) Licenses simplify how customers manage and purchase their licenses t

Microsoft 365 Licence Renewal 

New Commerce Experience (NCE) Licences simplify how customers manage and purchase their licences through a Cloud Solution Provider program for certain Microsoft products. It offers more flexibility to customers with discounts and price lock features by providing a monthly, 12-month and 36-month subscription package to suit the customer’s needs. 

We’re leading the way in digital transformation and always look for ways to make our processes more efficient. That’s why, with your valuable feedback and the hard work of our skilled Software Development team, we’ve developed a new tool to simplify the NCE licence renewal process.

NCE Licence Tool Modification
NCE Licence Tool Modification Screen

This tool offers two key advantages: 

Automation: This tool is a big step in making our business more efficient. Now, businesses can renew or adjust their licences automatically, reducing the need for back-and-forth communication. While we’ll still interact with customers at certain points in the renewal process, this tool will save time for everyone involved. 

Integrity: This new automated system makes the NCE licence renewal process more transparent. We’ll notify our customers several times when their NCE licences are up for renewal, giving them plenty of chances to make any necessary changes before the renewal date.  

The new process is set to go live on Friday 1st December. 

If you’re a primary contact and you’re yet to have received an email regarding the NCE licence renewal process, please contact 

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