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Unsure about Azure? 5 reasons why Microsoft Azure is the smart choice for your business

Microsoft Azure is being adopted by many businesses in 2020. Even before remote working conditions, many businesses have seen the major benefits of being on a Microsoft Azure server.

Organizations are being encouraged to move away from physical servers or datacenters as they provide a wealth of benefits like cost, efficiency, and disaster recovery. Azure is one of the major players in cloud computing and its systems are transforming businesses’ use of technology.

Microsoft Azure is much more than just online storage, they now support various operating systems, tools, databases, programming languages, and devices. Essentially, you can construct your whole business infrastructure on a Microsoft Azure platform.

We’ve boiled it down to 10 reasons why Microsoft Azure is the smart choice for your business:

Applications and Software

As mentioned before, you can build you whole infrastructure using Microsoft Azure. Because of this, you can use Azure as an IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) and build, deploy and manage any applications and software in a faster and easier way.

The next step is using Azure to launch a website or create a web application, and then maintain the infrastructure by customizing the cloud software to your liking.


Azure allows for a lot of flexibility to give businesses the functionality they require. Each Azure platform can be as complex or as simple as you need. This flexibility is also mimicked in the pricing plans, as you can pay as you consume. Removing your worries about upgrading your infrastructure all the time. This flexibility means storage, users and security addons are all tailored to whatever you require.


Azure is fast. However, it can be lightspeed if your business requires it. Deployment and scalability are particularly helpful for legal and finance sectors, due to many payroll and invoicing tools that multiple different organisations use. Speed should be king for your business; Azure can provide that.

Privacy and Data

Security is a big factor for Azure users, as the technology automatically applies levels of authenticity to ensure protection is always active. Two factor authentication, proxy card access readers, biometric readers and even global incident response team support, means your organisation has an embedded layer of security older file servers do not have.

Disaster Recovery

One of the best factors about moving to Azure is their Disaster Recovery enhancements. Keeping your business online and reactive to any situation means your customers and clients are always cared for. Azure provides regional/global failover options, rolling reboots, and a hot/cold stand by mode. These all contribute to an effective disaster recovery plan that means your business can quickly react to a situation and not be left recovering data or attempting to remain online.


Microsoft Azure is beneficial for any business operating in 2020. It’s no surprise they are now a strong competitor in the cloud computing market, as their solutions are perfect for businesses looking to increase speed and storage without jeopardizing their data or privacy.

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