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Copilot for Microsoft 365: Your New Assistant

An exciting development for businesses looking to utilise artificial intelligence, as Microsoft Copilot has recently became available without the minimum requirement of 300 licences. This change opens up new possibilities for micro, small and medium-sized businesses. Now, without this requirement, it’s an ideal time to explore the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot. This ‘tool’ can boost productivity, spark creative ideas, assist with writing and spelling, and analyse data with remarkable speed.

Copilot for Office 365 - Microsoft Word

Microsoft Copilot is a helpful addition to Word, designed to streamline your work. Here’s a straightforward rundown of its capabilities:

Content Drafting

Your Copilot assistant helps with writing various types of content, from a single sentence to more comprehensive pieces. For example, you can instruct Copilot to create an essay about time management. 

Incorporating Your Files

You can add content from up to three of your own documents into what Copilot creates. It strictly uses only the files you select. 

Enhancing Existing Text

If you already have text, Copilot can improve it or transform it into a table.

Inspiration Feature

When you need some creative push, the “Inspire Me” button lets Copilot continue writing for you, building on what’s already in your document.

As a Marketer, this is one of my favourite Copilot features in Microsoft Word so far; it is so simple to use and a great help when struggling with word block!

Summarising and Idea Generation

It’s adept at creating summaries, generating questions about your document, offering ideas on specific topics, and converting text into tables. 


Copilot provides a starting point for your document. You can then refine and elaborate, saving considerable time on writing and editing. 

Copilot for Office 365 - Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Copilot brings a suite of features that can greatly improve business productivity using Microsoft Excel. Here’s an overview of what it offers: 

Analying and Visualising Data

Copilot aids users in delving into and better understanding their data. It can create insightful charts and PivotTables and point out significant parts of the data.

Generating Formulas

For those dealing with complex calculations, especially with large datasets, Copilot can suggest formulas for entire columns, streamlining the process.

Another one of our favourite features – For casual users of Microsoft Excel, Copilot reduces the need to ask Google what formulas we need to use!

Focusing on Key Data

It simplifies the task of highlighting, filtering, and sorting data. This feature is particularly helpful in zeroing in on your business’s most important data points.

Identifying Insights

Copilot not only helps in analysing and visualising data but also makes it easier to spot crucial insights.

Handling Large Datasets

Copilot is equipped to work with Excel tables of up to two million cells. Functions like formula suggestions, highlighting, sorting, and filtering can handle extensive amounts of data without limits. 

Copilot for Office 365 - Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Copilot introduces various features to boost productivity for businesses using Microsoft PowerPoint. Here’s a summary of its key functionalities:

Transforming Content

Copilot in PowerPoint can convert existing Word documents into presentations, making the transition from document to slide show seamless. 

Creating Presentations

It can craft new presentations from basic prompts or outlines, streamlining the creation process.

Sourcing Imagery

Copilot aids in identifying the optimal locations for impactful images, enhancing your presentation’s ability to captivate audiences with effective storytelling.

Images sourced are royalty-free, meaning you can use these images without any worries.

Deck Review

Available on mobile devices as well, Copilot in PowerPoint allows for swift review of presentations and can generate summaries, making it easier to refine and perfect your decks on the go.

Providing Inspiration

Discover how Copilot can transform your creative ideas into polished and professional presentations, leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Copilot for Office 365 - Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Copilot offers a range of functionalities that enhance productivity for businesses using Microsoft Outlook. Here are the main features:

Managing and Triage Email

Copilot in Outlook aids in efficiently managing and prioritising emails. It offers personalised suggestions, summaries, and insights to help you keep track of your tasks and save time. 

Drafting Email Responses

Copilot assists in composing suitable email responses, tailored to your communication needs. 

Scheduling Meetings

You can prompt Copilot to assist with meeting scheduling. It understands requests for meeting titles and suggests relevant contacts, documents, and available time slots.

Preparing for Meetings

Ahead of a scheduled meeting, Copilot presents a “Prepare” button in your inbox. This feature quickly provides context by summarising the meeting’s purpose and relevant files.

Summarising Email Threads

Copilot efficiently extracts key information from email conversations, offering actions like setting up meetings. It aids in drafting agendas, summarising discussions, creating meeting titles, listing attendees, including the original email thread for reference, and finding suitable times for meetings. 

Following Meetings

After a meeting, Copilot helps you stay informed about outcomes and action items. When you follow a meeting, Copilot notifies you when a recap is ready for review, and you can also query Copilot about meeting details.

This is one of the most interesting features of Copilot. Copilot provides you with an option to attend a meeting, without actually attending. In essence, you’ll be ‘following’ the meeting.

If someone is ‘following’ the meeting, the organiser will be asked to record the meeting.

Here’s an example of the message shown in the meeting:

Following Feature Microsoft Outlook Copilot

After the meeting, Microsoft Copilot will provide an overview of the meeting, in which you can prompt to provide information. For example, you may ask Copilot for a summary or ask Copilot to highlight each time your name has been mentioned.

Copilot for Office 365 - Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Copilot introduces various features that enhance productivity for businesses using Microsoft Teams. Here are the key features:

During a Meeting

Utilise Copilot in Teams meetings for real-time summarisation of key discussion points, including who contributed what and where there’s agreement or disagreement. It also suggests action items during the meeting. 

Catching Up on Missed Meetings

If you join a recorded or transcribed meeting late (more than 5 minutes after it started), you’ll receive a notification offering a summary. 

Facilitating Effective Meetings

Use prompts in the Copilot compose box next to your meeting window to act as a thought partner. Examples include asking, “Where do we disagree on this topic?” or “What questions can I ask to move the meeting forward?”

Wrapping Up Meetings

A few minutes before a meeting ends, Copilot prompts participants to conclude. It provides a summary of the main points discussed and identifies next steps, including tasks assigned to specific individuals. 

After a Meeting

Once a meeting is over, Copilot remains available in the meeting’s Recap tab. You can access this from the Teams meeting chat. 

Teams Channels

Copilot can also be used in Teams channels for tasks such as synthesising lengthy posts, identifying action items, or reviewing key decisions in your everyday channels. 

Microsoft 365 Copilot and Cyber Security

Microsoft Copilot Security

According to Microsoft, Copilot adheres to the security, compliance, and privacy measures you’ve established in Microsoft 365. Rest assured, your data remains within its secure segment and is not used for training.

Our Cyber Security Experts are working on an article dedicated to cyber security for Copilot in further details. Keep an eye out!

Impact of Copilot for Microsoft 365 Users

According to Microsoft, 77% of users of Copilot for Microsoft 365 have reported that once they began using the tool, they were reluctant to stop using it. This indicates that Microsoft Copilot could be a significant tool for businesses aiming to boost their productivity and efficiency.

Reports also suggest 70% of those using Copilot for Microsoft 365 have reported an increase in their productivity.

Managed IT Support Icon

Copilot for Microsoft 365 (Business Edition)

For customers with a Microsoft 365 Business Standard or Business Premium subscription, you can utilise the following:

  • AI-powered chat with secure access to organisational graphs 
  • Access Copilot in Microsoft 365 apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams
  • Customise and extend your Copilot with Microsoft Copilot Studio Preview
  • Experience enterprise-grade security, privacy, and compliance


Please consider that separate Microsoft 365 Business Standard or Business Premium licences are required to sign up for Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Looking to increase your business productivity?

Step into the world of Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365. Explore its potential to streamline your daily tasks, bringing simplicity and effectiveness to your workflow. 

Want to find out more about how Microsoft Copilot can help your business? Interested in purchasing Microsoft Copilot licences?

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Copilot simplifies complex tasks, automates routine operations, and provides data insights, enabling your team to focus on strategic tasks. Its ability to draft emails, create reports, and analyse data improves efficiency and decision-making.

Yes, it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 applications, ensuring a smooth adoption into your current workflow without requiring significant changes or extensive training.

Copilot is built with Microsoft’s stringent privacy and security standards, ensuring your data is processed securely and confidentially within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Absolutely, Copilot’s capabilities can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business, offering flexibility and customisation options.

Copilot is now available on an individual licence basis! No more 300+ seat requirement. Contact us for a tailored quote that aligns with your specific requirements.

Getting started is straightforward. Contact us for more information on licensing options and how to integrate Copilot into your business operations seamlessly.

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