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Microsoft Teams FREE for 6 Months: Claim it now for your business

With advice from the government to self-isolate if even mild symptoms are being shown, Microsoft have made remote working easier with a fantastic free Teams subscription offer.

Many organisations around the UK and Europe are frantically working out how to keep communication healthy during remote working conditions. There are many options available, with Whatsapp, Google Hangouts and Skype to name a few. But what communication tool is best for your business?

As Silver Microsoft partners, we are strong believers in Office 365 and the overall package that compliments Microsoft Teams – is more beneficial for businesses. The reason being that applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel seamlessly feed into Teams and make collaboration even easier.

Want your office to be fluent in Office 365?
Why not book a days training with our expert training department?

For example, invite a colleague to a voice call on Teams and then live edit a document together…

Or invite a whole department to update stock levels of supplies…

Microsoft Teams is much more than just an instant messaging tool…

Okay, I’m convinced – How do I get it for free?

As always, you can head on over to Microsoft’s website and download a free license of Microsoft Teams. This has been available since 2018 and does reserve a few features for the paid version (full meetings, collaboration and workflow capabilities)

Click here to find out more: 

However, if you do want the whole offering of Office 365 products you will need a subscription license. Luckily, we are a verified Microsoft selling partner and can offer a range of discounts for the number of users, storage, and sector of work you are in.

Next steps?

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