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New Features for Microsoft Teams 2021 – how to improve your work communication!

Microsoft Teams new features coming in 2021 – read more to find out what they are…

Microsoft Teams became the application of choice for many organisations during 2020. And it seems like it will carry on being the best option for years to come. So it’s great to see Microsoft is continuing to evolve the platform for its users.

Here is a quick rundown of the new features Microsoft Teams will be receiving in 2021, along with some features that were released this week!

Microsoft Teams New Features being released January 15th

Together mode – Changeable Scenes

In a new feature labeled ‘Together Mode’ you are now able to take your team to some exciting destinations. Okay, realistically everyone will still be in their living rooms and home offices, but every little helps right? Take your team to an auditorium, a winter wonderland, or even under the sea!

To change the scene once you’re in Together mode, select Change scene  Edit icon (pencil)  in the bottom left corner of your meeting.

Keep Your Company On Task

Task lists are becoming increasingly more useful so Microsoft has announced a new feature for your entire organisation. Create and track work with the new task publishing feature. This can then be broken down into admins and managers so they can have full control over separate departments.

Create and track work for your entire organization with the new task publishing feature in the Tasks app. Admins and managers can get full details on task publishing at Manage the Tasks app for your organization in Microsoft Teams.

To enable this app go to the 3 dots in the left-hand side toolbar.

You’ve been approved!

The new Approvals app in Teams aims to streamline requests and processes with teammates and departments. With the new app, you can create requests, view ones sent to you, and view all past approval requests.

To enable this app go to the 3 dots in the left-hand side toolbar.

Microsoft Teams New Features coming January and June 2021

New contact information

An upcoming feature from Microsoft shows that extra calling information is going to be added to the call header. When you select the call button, you will now see extra options of contact, including mobile and landline phone numbers. The default will still go to the Teams account, but if the user is offline this will divert to a phone number.

Recap Meetings!

Another new feature will allow users to access important information from a meeting following its end. This new addition will allow Teams users to access meeting recordings, chat messages, notes, and transcripts from the meeting tab.

The recap feature will begin its rollout by the end of January and is expected to be with all Teams users by mid-February.

Dynamic view

Microsoft Teams has already announced a new feature that should be coming soon—Dynamic View.

Dynamic view promises to display a better way of engaging in online webinars and presentations, by displaying speaker and presentation videos side by side. Users have also been given the option to control the sizes of both windows – something the current gallery view prohibits.

To stay up to date with Microsoft Teams development, be sure to check out their blog.


Microsoft Teams is a platform that Microsoft are always trying to update and improve. If you are a frequent user of Zoom, Slack, or Skype, now could be the time to switch.

If you need help switching, contact us today on 02920 887 362 or send us an email at

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