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Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks for 2022

Microsoft Word is much more than just a document creation tool. It can be the most powerful weapon at your disposal when you know how to use it right… okay, maybe not BUT these tips and tricks will come in handy for 2022.

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Word Tip #1
Zoom Quicker than the speed of light!

When you receive files from various people, font sizes can be a bit of an issue. Some users like working big, some like working small. Rather than resize fonts tediously, why not just zoom in? But no, don’t waste time going to Window > Zoom, use the slider in the bottom right corner of your window.

Word Tip #2
Save your fingers with less tapping!

Pfft, are you wasting precious milliseconds hitting the backspace button? Take a hike grandpa! Use your fingers and hold CTRL and BACKSPACE and delete whole words at a time. Oh man, think of how many seconds you can save during the day – let alone the physical impact on your index finger. You’re welcome.

Word Tip #3
Smart Search Words!

If you are unsure of a word and need to go some googling for its origin or background, simply highlight and right-click and choose ‘smart search’. A mini web browser will open within Word and show you internet search results!

Word Tip #4
Bye-bye bad formatting!

Don’t get stuck in the realm of trying to reformat everything you are plugging into your document. Instead, simply wipe all your formatting to start afresh, just hit the ‘clear formatting button on your toolbar.

Word Tip #5
Tell Word what you want to do!

At the top of the newest versions of Microsoft word, there is a new search bar. USE IT! Simply type in a phrase or word related to what you want to do, and Word will suggest a command or action. More often than not, Word is right.

Word Tip #6
Double click and triple-click!

Forget the days of highlighting and deleting. Did you know that if you double click a word it highlights it for you? Better yet, triple-click a word, and the entire sentence or section is highlighted. Just click and delete, long gone are the days of highlighting character by character.

Word Tip #7
Drop it like it’s hot a link!

A very handy keyboard shortcut here. Just hit CTRL and K and you can add a web link straight into your document. Phwoar.

Word Tip #8
The default font can be YOUR default!

The default font for Microsoft Word is Calibri, but it doesn’t have to be for you. Go back to the days of Times New Roman, or ahead in time when Wingdings finally becomes the typography of the people!

Just go to Format > Font and choose the font you want, then just hit the default button.

Word Tip #9

Need to remove a certain word, place, or name? Don’t spend hours playing detective in tracking down the offender, hit CTRL and F and find all the occurrences of the word. Each time you want to see the next occurrence of the word, Word will take you to where it’s hiding.

Word Tip #10
¿Qué? You are now bilingual!

Microsoft Word has a built-in translator – OUI!
Just go to Review > Translate and choose to either translate the whole of your document or just a small selection.


So there you have it, you are now at least 10% more advanced in your Microsoft Word journey (provided you think each point is worth at least 1%, which we think they are)

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