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Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks for 2024

Microsoft Word Tips & Tricks
Microsoft Word Tips & Tricks

Microsoft Word is much more than just a document creation tool. It can be the best document-writing tool when you know how to use it efficiently. We’ve added our top 10 Microsoft Word tips and tricks in 2024 to this blog post, and hopefully, you can use them to your advantage to increase your productivity.

10 Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks

The Zoom In and Out Feature

When you receive files from various people, font sizes can be an issue. Some users like working big, and some like working small. Rather than resize fonts tediously, why not just zoom in?

The Zoom feature in Microsoft Word allows users to change the magnification level of their document, making it either larger and easier to read (zoom in) or smaller to view more content on a single screen (zoom out). This feature is handy for getting a closer look at images, charts, or text and for reviewing the overall layout of multi-page documents.

At the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, you will see a bar as shown below. Increase the zoom with the + button or zoom out with the minus.

Microsoft Word Zoom

Delete Whole Words at Once

To delete whole words at once in Microsoft Word, you can use a keyboard shortcut:

      1. Place your cursor at the beginning or end of the word you want to delete.

      1. Hold down the Ctrl key (or Cmd key on a Mac).

      1. While holding down the Ctrl key, press the Backspace key to delete the word to the left of the cursor.

      1. Alternatively, while holding down the Ctrl key, press the Delete key to delete the word to the right of the cursor.

    This method allows for swift editing without highlighting individual words before deleting them.

    Smart Lookup

    Smart Lookup is a feature in Microsoft Word that allows users to quickly find definitions, explanations, and additional contextual information about words or phrases without leaving the application. It utilises Bing to fetch search results, related topics, images, and more.  A mini web browser will open within Word and show you internet search results!

    To use Smart Lookup:

        1. Highlight the Word or Phrase: First, select the word or phrase you want to look up.

        1. Access Smart Lookup:

          • Right-click on the highlighted word or phrase and choose Smart Lookup from the context menu.

          • Or, go to the Ribbon Review tab and click Smart Lookup.

        Microsoft Word Smart Lookup

        Easy Formatting

        Don’t get stuck in trying to reformat everything you are plugging into your document. Instead, wipe all your formatting to start afresh; just hit the ‘clear formatting button on your toolbar.

        Easy formatting in Microsoft Word refers to various tools and features that allow users to apply styles and designs to their text and paragraphs swiftly and consistently. To start fresh, wipe formatting by clicking the ‘clear formatting’ button on your toolbar.

        Microsoft Word Wipe Formatting

        Search Bar

        At the top of Microsoft Word, there is a new search bar. The search bar is a tool that allows users to type in keywords or phrases to find specific features, files, or information. Type a phrase or word related to what you want to do, and Word will suggest a command or action. More often than not, Word is right.

        Microsoft Word Search Function

        Double Click to Highlight Words

        Forget the days of highlighting and deleting. Did you know that if you double-click a word, it highlights it for you? Better yet, triple-click a word, highlighting the entire sentence or section. Just click and delete; long gone are the days of highlighting character by character.

        How to click to highlight:

        Words: In most text environments, if you double-click on a word, the entire word will be highlighted or selected. This is useful for quickly copying, cutting, or formatting that word.

        Paragraphs: In some applications, like Microsoft Word, triple-clicking will select the entire paragraph.

        Strikethrough Words

        Strikethrough is a text formatting feature that draws a line through the selected text. It’s often used to indicate that text has been removed or is no longer relevant while allowing it to be readable. It’s a convenient keyboard shortcut at Excellence IT.

        Highlight the text you want to strikethrough and press Ctrl + 5 on your keyboard.

        Change Default Font

        Changing the default font means that every new document you create will use this font style and size by default rather than making you manually set it for each new document.

        The default font for Microsoft Word is Calibri, but it doesn’t have to be for you. Go back to the days of Times New Roman, or ahead in time when Wingdings finally became the typography of the people.

        Go to Format > Font and choose the font you want, then hit the default button.

        Microsoft Word Preview Font

        Find Words With Ease

        Need to remove a particular word, place, or name? Don’t spend hours playing detective in tracking down the word you need to find.

        How to find words easy on Microsoft Word:

            • Shortcut: Press Ctrl + F (Windows/Linux) or Cmd + F (Mac).

            • This will open the “Find” tool, allowing you to type in the word or phrase you want. As you type, the word will be highlighted in the document.

            • In newer versions of Word, the Navigation Pane will open on the left, showing a list of all occurrences of the word or phrase.

          Translate Text To Different Language

          Microsoft Word has a built-in translator.
          To use this feature, go to Review > Translate and choose to translate the whole of your document or just a small selection.

          Microsoft Word Language & Translate

          Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts

          Basic Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts:

              • Ctrl + B: Bold

              • Ctrl + I: Italic

              • Ctrl + U: Underline

              • Ctrl + Z: Undo

              • Ctrl + Y: Redo

              • Ctrl + Shift + >: Increase font size

              • Ctrl + Shift + <: Decrease font size

              • Ctrl + A: Select all content


            Our 10 Microsoft Word tips and tricks for 2024. You’re on your way to being an advanced Microsoft Word user! You’re at least 10% more advanced in your Microsoft Word journey (provided you think each point is worth at least 1%, which we think they are).

            To learn more about the Microsoft Office Suite, check out Microsoft Excel Tips & Tricks.

            We offer a range of Microsoft Word training courses designed to improve work productivity and efficiency. Get in touch today to see how we can effectively train your organisation. Contact us on 02920 887 362 or email us at We help businesses from Swansea to Bristol.

            Integrating cyber security services provides an additional layer of protection for your documents, ensuring they’re safe from unauthorised access and threats, thereby maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your work. This is essential for businesses to protect not only themselves, but their customers and supply chain, too. 

            Use the Navigation pane for swift movement between headings, pages, or results from a document search, enhancing your productivity.

            Master keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+Shift+Arrow keys to select text quickly, improving your editing speed.

            Use the References tab to manage citations, bibliographies, and indexes, simplifying the academic writing process.

            Utilise the Comments and Track Changes features to review and edit documents collaboratively, ensuring clear communication and document integrity.

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